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09-06-2012, 09:20 PM
More of my car
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  1. TheBoyArmitage
    Looks fantastic! Where did you get it from? Also, where did you get the A2OC car mats from?

  2. dan_b
    They sure look nice those flat-bottomed TT steering wheels.
  3. Mustang-owner
    The Steering wheel and airbag is from the 2010 TTS and I think the perforated leather, black stitching and flat bottom make it superb looking as well as feeling great.
    Together with fully working multi-function buttons and my RNS-E configured for SDS it’s the perfect solution for me.
    From Audi the price is @900 for the wheel and @500 for the airbag, but they do come up on Ebay occasionally. There’s around another 400 to spend on the looms and controller too…..and then fitting and coding.

    The A2OC mats were from Awesome and offered as a group buy some while ago, but were discontinued as the quality dropped.
    I think we have a new supplier for the mats now, so they should be available again soon.

  4. Iainwil
    Wow, I want that... Just can't justify the price, I can't believe they are that much to make... Guess thats another one to add to the wish list. Cracking job, looks super.
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