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Thread: Knocking noise in dashboard

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    Knocking noise in dashboard

    I've become a knocking / rattling noise from the top of the dashboard when drinving on uneven roads. Sounds like it comes from the front, under the windscreen. Guess I have to open the dashboard to find what is loose. Does anyone have experience on this operation or similar noise?
    Ole (A2 1.4 2003)

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    Hi Ole
    The bonnet locating brackets can sometimes need packing to prevent the rear corners (in front of the windscreen) rattling. If the rattle can be induced by light hand pressure then remove the bonnet and add a few layers of duct tape to the bottom of the channels the bonnet slides into

    Cheers Spike

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    Thanks, that helped!

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    There's also a number of panels and brackets around the brake reservoir area that if not secured properly, can also cause vibration. Check this area too.


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    Windscreen knock

    I doubt if this is still a problem, but if it is! Here in Edinburgh we have plenty of rough road surfaces. Our knocking noise is the windscreen wiper blade sitting too low at the bottom of the windscreen and the wiper blade etc. knocks on the the windscreen beading

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    Marston Moretaine
    I have just developed a knocking sound to from the dashboard, along with a plastic creaking sound alond the RHS.

    It would appear the rattle is coming from just beneath the windscreen heating vent, so looks like im gonna have to take the dash out to sort it


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    I've had this recently too, and after a bit of snooping I discovered it was the wiper arm rattling off the windscreen! The wiper seems to settle so there's very little clearance between the arm and the glass - over bumps it then taps against the glass and rattles. I just lifted it up and set it back down gently and the rattle stops for a while. Not sure how to fix it long term yet though...

    Check this out anyway before you go pulling the dash out...


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    Still noise

    Thanks for suggestions. But nothing seems to fit my case. I still have the noise. So if anybody has some advise on how to open the dashboard it would be great. It must be something loose under the top cover of the dash, just behind the windscreen.

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    I have checked all the above and my noise aint going.

    Gonna consult the else manual, and when i get time off work i'll whip the dash out and tighten everything up and look for a culprit!!


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    I have made some progress on this dash noise.

    When I turn the ignition on (not starting engine) there is a faint popping / ticking sounds coming from the dash.

    Then when I start the car it becomes more prominent but intermittent. For example when i lightly touch the brake or the accelerator pedal it makes it happen, so you get a few of these popping/ticking sounds then it will stop and then it will randomly occur when i have done nothing - BUT every time i touch the pedals it does it!!!

    Sounds like it is coming from somewhere at the back of the dash towards the left.

    Any ideas??


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