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Thread: glove box removal

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    wilmanlee Guest

    glove box removal


    Has anyone here tried removing the glove box.
    I'm trying to change the bulb so some advice would be great.

    Also, how about the rear number plate?? of the screws has come loose and need to tighten it how do i remove the boot interior??

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    Pass on the glove box.. but the numberplate is fixed from the outside if you have the dealership surround the only way to get it off is to brake it...

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    I think you will need to hunt round for the screws in the glovebox to remove it. I did a search of the forum as I remember someone talking about the screws and this is what they said:

    __________________________________________________ ___

    Don't forget to undo all the screws attaching the glovebox - including the lurker behind the coin-holder and the one way back in the footwell - it took me bldy ages to find the buers!

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    Good luck!

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    wilmanlee Guest
    thanks for that info....

    finding out how to take apart the boot interior would be a great help too...

    cheers guys.

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    Hi Wilman
    When I asked my dealer to change the bulb in the glove box it ended up with the whole box being replaced under warrantee. They needed the bar code No for the interior trim etc. I don't know if this was necessary or lust a ploy to earn more money from Audi or if in fact there was a bigger problem than just a blown bulb – seemed a bit over the top and if this is the case.
    The main reason that the car went in for, was adjustment to the open sky which had only just been replaced under warrantee (£1400 for parts + 3 days labour !!). Things like this make the A2 look less like a long term proposition – thank heavens for the warrantee.


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    wilmanlee Guest
    managed to get the glove box out and found that the light switch was broken off.

    i couldn't be bothered to take it back to the dealer so i just super glued it back it works fine.

    and as with the number plate, i took the boot interior off to find that i didn't need to do that....instead, slide the number plate off the bracket to access the bolts.

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    So how do you get the boot interior trim off? I have got as far as the series of push in connectors along the bottom but could not work out how to get the top edge loose. Bottom edge gave me enough access to re-connect the link from the solenoid to the lock.


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    wilmanlee Guest
    hi, sorry for the late reply.
    there are 6 or 8 clips. if you pull one side out first to see inside then you will see...then use a flat screw driver to push the clips off.

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