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Thread: Replacement Gear Knob / gaiter etc.

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    Replacement Gear Knob / gaiter etc.

    Was wondering if one or more of you A2 experts could pass on some of your wise words with regards to the possibility of replacing the A2 gear knob / gaiter and how I would go about it. I know what you're all thinking. "What's he bloody up to this time!"
    Basically, I'm fed up with the bog-standard gear knob that I have in my standard A2. Not as fancy as you chap's with 'SE' models. It all started when I saw a photo on the web site which shows an Audi TT knob / gaiter / chrome surround fitted within an A2 and thought it looked a bit tasty. Then again, I thought that about the chrome door handle covers - and how wrong was I about that!
    Before I knew it, I had in my possesion an Audi TT gear knob and shaft (the wonders of ebay!). Have not managed to source the rest as yet, but before I spend any more of my wife's hard earned money, I thought I should at least find out if they are compatible with the A2 gear shaft. Can any of you chap's help. Dont even know how to remove the old knob. (as the actress said to the bishop)
    The photo links below are of the photo I first referred to and the bit's I have so far.

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    I've changed mine on our SE from black leather to red leather.

    The knob was held on by a metal clip crimped in place, hidden by the leather gaiter.The gaiter & lower chrome ring just unclip from the console/tunnel. I've just used a cable tie to secure the new knob in position.
    The only problems I encountered were getting the leather gaiter and the base of the knob to marry up succesfully as there is a black plastic ring which goes somewhere (either inside or outside the gaiter). I ended up doing a slight modification which really needs sorting properly (a new gaiter required) so I'd suggest a visit to Audi for a quick bit of advice.

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    Seems a cheap way of getting 6 gears

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    It's only what I have got used to in the A3.

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