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Thread: Lupo 3l -need help

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    Well thanks Rab for definite clarification. I kind of thought the A2 1.2tdi and Lupo 3L front shocks could be the same... But, if i took Bilstein shocks, i would need the new springs as well. So I thought, Ok, provided that I got the new springs as well, it would still be a lot cheaper... But what about the height of the car after the fronts are fitted? The car could sit higher than normal due to its lighter engine and front end, and look and handle like crap possibly? I wasnt willing to risk that.. So i ordered the original ones, as expensive as they are.... They should arrive by the end of next week...

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    Why would you need new springs, if the originals are OK? The shocks should be a straight replacement.

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    The guy who did the replacement on Audi A2 1.2Tdi had to change the springs as well, i think..... not sure...
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    But I ordered originals, so I wouldn't need new springs for sure. Interesting, rear original shocks are in perfect condition, after 225k km and 16 years...

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