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Thread: DAB radio options

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    DAB radio options

    I'm looking to add DAB radio to my A2, was wondering if anyone has done this ?$ja=tsid:60494%7Ccgn:GoogleShopping%7Ckw:2 26628&istCompanyId=b8708c57-7a02-4cf6-b2c0-dc36b54a327e&istItemId=xxiwlmtqxx&istBid=tzir&_$ja =tsid:35522|cid:344534764|agid:24344212204|tidla-211150412644|crid:83789081524|nw:g|rnd:16738648591 876054769|dvc:m|adp:1o4&gclid=CLSYs8GYy88CFYgYGwod yJsLfg

    I found this from halfords which includes handsfree and also compatible with Spotify. Is it worth the price or are there any better options ?


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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Picture of the product

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    I just had this fitted, very pleased

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    I almost bought this Paul as I was (am) keen to retain the OEM look of the dash/interior. There should be a video somewhere; either on Halfords website or Pure's own.

    What has caused me to hesitate are two things: 1, the aerial fixes to the front windscreen and I haven't researched if this can be re-used or if another is required (and available) should the windscreen need replacing and 2, there is an earth that is supposed to be magnetically attached to the roof; a tad difficult for us unless there is metal in there somewhere. In addition for me I have the OSS, so it might complicate things further again.

    Aside of the above it looks a great and functional option if you don't want an aftermarket head unit. I'm still tempted as I miss DAB and hands-free.
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    I used the Dension GW-PRO and DAB module to get DAB in my car, but I have a roof antenna for DAB/GSM/GPS/FM. Also i have a full DIS and a MFSW to control it all, works wonderfully.
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    I've bought the pure DAB radio and going to try it out as it was 89 so thought it worth a punt and i'm going to try it out without a DAB aerial to see what the performance is like.

    Still need to get a wiring harness to convert it yet though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Louisp View Post
    I've bought the pure DAB radio and going to try it out as it was 89 so thought it worth a punt and i'm going to try it out without a DAB aerial to see what the performance is like.

    Still need to get a wiring harness to convert it yet though
    You will be wanting some side infill panels print then

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    Possibly a bit late for this thread, but I've just fitted a Pure Highway 600 to my TDi 90 with OpenSky roof. Picking up various points, I trimmed off the magnetic termination from the earth strap (which is a small braided cable with heat shrink over it) and crimped on a ring terminal. I then drilled a small hole (horrors) at the very top of the A pillar under the trim and earthed the receiver there via a self-tapper. The earth braid now runs direct from the receiver under the trim and looks fine.
    When the windscreen goes I suspect it won't be hard to peel the fixed bits off it and re-fix using suitable 3M double sided.
    I spent some time carving up the trim tray that runs forward from the gear stick to install some proper-looking power and AUX sockets right at the front. Having had 3 Skodas (Skodae?), I'm familiar with their AUX socket, so the local dealer sold me one for ~14. This is a nice black professional looking socket with a flip cover. I installed that alongside an Audi-looking cigar lighter (~3-50 from eBay) in the front of this bit of trim, and ran the power and AUX output from the Highway receiver into these, running down the back of the A pillar across the top of the glovebox and into the back of the trim panel. You can barely see them, and the power and AUX are available for other uses should you want them.
    The controller sits nicely on top of the dash, the microphone lead runs under the headlining (having taken out one sun visor screw) to the receiver and out from the central light fitting. The whole thing works very nicely indeed.
    Because I've kept the original Concert radio, I bought the "let's fool it into thinking a CD changer is connected" kit, (CTVADX001 from, and that works fine too. I had to do some soldering shenanigans to get the twin-phono lead to connect to the back of my Skoda AUX socket, including bypassing all the circuitry that probably defends against the earth loop problem in the original fitment, but that's all good too.

    So that's a long way of saying that the Highway 600 works well in an A2. It's not cheap, but it works well and looks OK.

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    do you know what was needed to have that Pioneer fitted, in terms of adapters for power and DIN fitting? Would you mind posting a photo of the end result?


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