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Thread: AMF 75BHP Remap

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    no the current MAP sensor seems to work fine, if however you are having to change the MAP sensor for any other reason, then it would make sense to get the higher pressure MAP sensor


    PS your Saab clips left in the post yesterday
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    Little heads up .... you can not just replace the 2.5Bar map sensor with a 3 Bar sensor .. the map would need adjusting due to the different voltage outputs of the larger map sensor... Id imagine as the map can raise boost to 2.61 absolute if youv a healthy turbo and no leaks ect youl be pushing everything to extremes and even getting limp mode as going above the maximum range of the map sensor and im sure my own map which started life as a 104bhp stealth map max's out at 2.1 .. pushing so much boost into a standard engine could cause more issues in the long run like leaking vacume pipes due to the higher psi in the N75 lines and even as far as frying the turbo, boost spiking , blown head gaskets ect ect ect
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    Thanks Paul, for both.

    Thanks JIGSAW, for the heads up, I wanted to clarify weather or nor should I change
    the MAP sensor.

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