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Thread: 1.2 tdi front suspension died!

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    I will stand corrected RAB but I think one or two members have reported a slight rise in "ride height" at the front when fitting Bilsteins.

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    I don't know where you are in the Netherlands... I had a broken spring and I had both my front springs and shocks replaced for € 300 (€ 150 parts and 3 hours labour) by Paul Derks in Riethoven. This was on my previous A2 (AUA engine) - I don't know whether an 1.2 TDI is more complicated though.

    Paul has all the necessary tools and he does know his way around the A2; he has built an 1.9 TDI engine with 6-speed gearbox in his A2...
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    hoi Peter,

    I'm near The Hague, quite a ride to Riethoiven...
    Indeed, the problem is the 1.2 TDI Audi 3l, from what I can understand no bolt-on aftermarket parts exist... looks like I either have to take a chance with the Bilstein setup (~360€ front and rear) found on german forum:

    Stossdämpfer: Bilstein 22-044761 VNE-4476 45,50€
    Domlager: Bilstein 12-225323 30,00€
    Feder: Bilstein 36-131105 42,10€

    Stossdämpfer: Bilstein 19-109572 BNE-A957 37,60€
    Domlager: Bilstein 12-117840 15,00€

    Or go with expensive parts from the dealer... If I didn't buy those springs from the dealer I would be very tempted by the Bilstein setup... anyone needs brand new OEM springs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Special edition View Post
    I will stand corrected RAB but I think one or two members have reported a slight rise in "ride height" at the front when fitting Bilsteins.
    this is about a 1.2. Completely different kettle of fish.

    - Bret
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    All parts came in today.

    Bottom bolts came out quite easily but 2 bolts out of 3 spins freely.... I have new suspension strut mount, bearings, and bolts so I don't care about destroying them but there is not a lot of space to cut the screws....
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Any advice or tricks?

    Thank ou so much
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    After grinding for way too long with the dremel equiped with the 90 degree add-on, the strut came of... now the car is pulling on the left instead of the right... I think left springs needs to go too now. Hope i will be more lucky with the 3 top bolts.

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