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Thread: 1.6 FSI - Underpowered and pinking at 2800rpm, Vacuum Leak code

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    1.6 FSI - Underpowered and pinking at 2800rpm, Vacuum Leak code

    Good morning all,

    I have just purchased a Audi A2 1.6 FSI 2003, It had engine light on and the owner told me it had a vacuum leak, he suggested it could be the pipe between the EGR and the Exhaust. At £750 I decided to take a punt at it as the rest looked good. Cambelt has been changed within the last few hundred miles. I have been reading up on all the sound advice on the forum, thank you for all the info so far.

    Its pretty underpowered at low rpm, have to give it some revs to move off if on a hill, otherwise it dies. Not much torque upto 2800 rpm, then it starts to pink for about 500 rpm, but goes. Above 3300 all is fine and feels good. Sometimes it idles very smoothly, other times the idles changes every 20 seconds or so, not rough, just changes.

    First readings of fault codes on VCDS were these……

    17912 - Intake Air System
    P1504 - 35-10 - Leak Detected - Intermittent
    17428 - Fuel Pressure Regulation
    P1020 - 35-10 - Control Range Exceeded - Intermittent
    17936 - Camshaft Timing Adj. Bank1 (N205)
    P1528 - 35-00 - Open Circuit

    First thing I did was to take a look at that pipe between the EGR and the exhaust, it had been repaired previously with some epoxy of some sort. I removed the bolts at both ends and found blanking plates under the flanges, nether very well sealed. Removed the pipe to find another hole in the pipe. Decided to get rid of the pipe and blank both ends. I have used the flange and the blanking plate on the EGR end so there is enough room for the pip on the valve. I believe these are now both well sealed and there is no vacuum leaks here.

    I found that the cam sensor connector was unplugged, plugged in and not seen the code since. I wonder if the Fuel Pressure Regulation was due to previous repair to Pipe necessitating the removal of the fuel pump. Not seen since.

    Test drove, maybe felt a little better, but still with the same symptoms. The following error codes were read.

    17414 - Torque Difference Cylinder 3
    P1006 - 35-00 - Limit Value Exceeded
    17912 - Intake Air System
    P1504 - 35-00 - Leak Detected

    Have checked a few other things after reading up.

    I have carried out a compression test and the values are below.
    1, 180 psi, spark plug was good light brown colour.
    2, 165 psi, spark plug was good light brown colour.
    3, 120 psi, spark plug was sooted up.
    4, 145 psi, spark plug was grey.

    Cleaned the earth points near the starter and the body earth point below the ABS pump, believe this could cause injector issues.

    I can see that the plastic arm solenoid on the inlet manifold has been repaired in the past, I believe these break due to carbon build up in the manifold.

    Test drove again, still similar, this is the only error code that comes up now.

    17912 - Intake Air System
    P1504 - 35-00 - Leak Detected

    I have had a good look round at all the vacuum hoses and can't find anything.

    Would anyone have any ideas on what to else to check?

    Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers Andy

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    Have you checked the Vaccuum Ventilation (plastic) Pipe/Hose that is connected to the outer intake manifold and the cylinder block? It is located on the backside of the engine and I you need to slide under the car to access it. It is number 28:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I saw that pipe yesterday when i was having a look around, it looked ok from a distance, but i will give it a closer inspection, thank you for the reply ;-)

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    I'd be a little worried about the low compression on cylinder 3, however, another place to check for manifold leaks is around the N313 - Air Intake Flap Solenoid. Theres a little vac hose that runs from the manifold to the solenoid and from the solenoid to the actuator - there's also a little hose with a non return valve. Just check to see if they're perished or not.

    Are there any signs of the upper inlet manifold being removed? (Wear on the allen bolts, scratches etc) if so you could assume a new gasket was not used (though this is probably one of last things i'd check)
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    Yes agreed, not liking the low compression too much, but choosing to ignore a bit at present :-) and matching on trying to find the vacuum leak.

    I have checked the N313, all pipes look ok and holds vacuum after the engine has been shut down, I removed one of the pipes onto the manifold and I could hear the vacuum release when removing the pipe, so assumed that this is an indication that all or ok around that area.

    Upper manifold looks undisturbed, but the plastic arm to the vacuum solenoid has been repaired at some point, so think it must have been off at some point in the past as that little arm is not so accessible.

    Thank you for the reply. Cheers Andy

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    they compression values should all be in the same area , looks like low compression on 3 and 4 not much better

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