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Thread: Looking to sell our A2 1.6 FSI Sport, need some advice on selling as is or

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    Looking to sell our A2 1.6 FSI Sport, need some advice on selling as is or

    Hi, It been 5 yeas since we bought our A2 & now its time to sell but not sure whether to sell as is or spend some money on detailing.

    Its a Met Black 1.6 FSI with 5 seats, its done 102K, full service history, air con, the wheels are the 17" 9 Spoke RS4 alloys but they need refurbing at a cost of around 350-400 (I was going to get them done at lepsoms), the car is in good condition but will need be Valeted/cleaned. The display on the 6CD Symphony radio is faulty & does not correctly show the info, a middle strip is missing. it all works though

    It just had an mot & failed on washers direction, light bulb & nearside lamp aim needs adjusting, it had an advisory on the brake disc being rusty as it sat for the last few months, number plate & tyre which I was going to replace. Obviously I will get the items done for the mot.

    Its a nice car let down cosmetically so my question is it worth spending approx 500 refurbing the wheels, replacing the discs & pads, detailing the bodywork & valeting the interior. i.e do you think I will get the money back or will it just make it more desirable, & how much would I expect to get for it now with & without doing the work?
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    Personally, first of all I wouldn't bother with the wheel refurb, you're certainly not going to get an extra 300 just for the wheels... I'd concentrate on getting the other bits presented nicely, through it's MOT and having a good valet job done on it. Value wise, it's a bit of a minefield out there at the moment, values seem to be anywhere between 700 and 2,500 for a mint one. Yours sounds nice, but (again, this is a personal thought) it sounds like yours will need perhaps 1,000 to put all the things right (stereo, MOT bits and good detail/valet etc.) I think you would have to wait for the right buyer if you put in all the effort. You might be better of selling as is (maybe getting through MOT) for ~ 1,000 - 1,200.
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    have uploaded some pictures for info,

    I don't think it will cost 1000 but I take your point, it could easily be 500-800! The thing is the wheels do let the car down but where do you stop?

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