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Thread: Cartronix DIS matrix replacements

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    Cartronix DIS matrix replacements


    The way to determine if a company cares or not about its customers is to look at the way that they handle problems.

    I took my instrument cluster to Cartronix (Waterlooville, near Portsmouth) and 45 minutes later I was able to drive away with the screen having been replaced.

    They do not use cheap matrix screens, I saw their stock and it came from Italy.

    Unfortunately, the "contrast" was wrong and the dark background was way too bright.

    They asked me to send it back (or bring it back) and they would resolve the issue, it looked like the PCB it used was faulty and so they replaced the screen and PCB. They demoed it on the bench and it looked like it had resolved the problem. They were VERY helpful and it was obvious that they were determined to provide the best service they could.

    I returned home and fitted the cluster and all was well at first, but then the problem returned, so it was obviously something that was going wrong after installation.

    So I took it back again, no quibbles they had been in contact with the supplier and a resolution was found relating to the display voltage regulator.
    I took a second cluster for them to fix too and a short time later they were ready and have been fine since.

    As I say, the way to find out the level of customer service is to have a problem. Cartronix were perfect in the way that they dealt with the issues.

    It meant three round trips of 120 miles each time, but it saved me many days of postal delays.

    So it is a thumbs up from me for this company . The 120 I paid was well worth it to see the dreadful state of the screen repaired.

    Steve B

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