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Thread: Kimbolton country Fayre 2017

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    Kimbolton country Fayre 2017

    Hi all for those that attended last couple of years I'm sure you will agree it was a great show with loads to do and see with a staggering amount of other car clubs from exotics to classics.
    Full details of the show can be found here-- the date to keep free is 9th july

    Kimbolton school is in the grounds of the castle in Cambridgeshire so offers a lovely location for the show. Ticket prices are 25 for a family ticket ---10 per adult---5 per child-- or 8 single occupancy classic car. Payment is on the day at the gate.

    As per usual if you wish to join us on the day please click the calendar link and click attending found here ---

    As per last year we will be staying the saturday night at The Holiday inn at Huntingdon race coarse details here--

    I hope to see many of you there again for a fun filled day. Any questions please ask--cheers mike and yvonne

    LINK to last years pics
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    next social will be 25th june--VAG at the manor show. pm me ideas for consideration please

    A2OC Has a Facebook page ----

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    i will now have with me at socials the club decals and key rings please just ask--NOW SELLING MOTOR NEURONE DISEASE SUPPORT BANDS-SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND HELP MEDICAL PROGRESS-ON BEHALF OF TOURANGANG(JOHN)

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    Cant wait for this social again as a great day out with loads to see and highly recomended for anyone who has not been before , we especially enjoyed the camel racing last year as well as looking around all the classic cars ..

    Regards Gary
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    Name added. A fabulous show if you love cars, classic and modern. Set in a wonderful backdrop with plenty of entertainment and stalls to add a different dimension. The highlight was the hurricane flyover last year for me; and some rather nice automotive history too. Mr Sumo was sadly missed due to ill health; one to rectify for this year.
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    Definitely both Lee and I will attending this. It was amazing last year.
    AJ Brewster - Novelist & Poet from Long Eaton
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    Both myself and Glyn will be coming down Mike. I am told that that Kimbolton was the house where Catherine of Arrogan was sent after Henry divorced her so as well as the classic cars its historically interesting too.
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    I may well have a full Baker clan turning up to this as its not that far for them. My dad loves the Lancaster, my brother and nephew love cars and my sister in law loves horses. My mum will just want to come to our club stand and natter to everyone

    Fingers crossed that we still have this lovely weather

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    We'll be there too. Kimbolton is our favourite shaw - beautiful cars, lots of fun for everyone (Lindy Hoppers too ). Looking forward to see you there.
    Cheers, Tamara and Tony

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    We will be going , sounds like a good event.
    Rosie, Graham and Trish .

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