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Thread: P0302 - 35-00 - Misfire Detected

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    We have still problem with the car. We have changed the valve seal, and many other things, and we have changed the wire harness that goes from the ecu to the engine.
    That did not help. I have purchased a used ECU from ebay but we are having problems getting the skc pin from the ecu.
    So we think maybe it is the ecu that has given us trouble. We have ordered kkline cable from ebay and will see if that can read out the skc from the ecu.

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    just to confirm, when you changed the harness from the ECU to the engine - did that include the wiring to the coil packs themselves? These harnesses have been known to be problematic.

    Very strange and I'd imagine frustrating issue. Good luck on resolving and let us know if you do.

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    Hi Topsie,
    Yes that included the wiring to the coil packs also.
    This is the readout from VCDS:

    2 Faults Found:

    17961 - Barometric / Manifold Pressure Signals
    P1553 - 35 - 10 - Implausible Correlation - Intermittent
    17912 - Intake Air System
    P1504 - 35-00 - Leak Detected

    Readiness: 1010 0101

    We have used start gas and sprayed all around the engine without finding any leak.

    We are also having problem getting the SKC/pin from the car. We need that to change the ECU.
    We don't know what has been done with the ECU that is in the car so we will use the donor ECU.

    We have tried with Vag-Tacho but that did not work on this car.
    Is there anybody who have any luck with getting the SKC from this model?



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    you should be able to read the SKC from the instrument cluster, it is the same SKC code as the SKC code in the ECU

    I have used VAG Commander to read the SKC code, but I have only ever done this on a TDI, however the instrument cluster is in principle the same and therefore no reason why it will not work on the petrol models

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    Thanks Depronman, I will try that!

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