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Thread: Selling my very special 1.4 tdi 75 SE 38,000 miles Dolphin Grey OSS

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    Selling my very special 1.4 tdi 75 SE 38,000 miles Dolphin Grey OSS


    Hi All,

    It's with regret that I'm selling my beloved 1.4 tdi 75 SE, unfortunately with impending house alterations and simply not having time to enjoy the car anymore, it must go to a new owner.

    So yes, you read the title right, it's only done 38,000 miles (well 37,872 at the moment), I've done about 8000 miles in it since I bought it in September 2015. In that time I've spent lot of time and money on making sure its mechanicals are perfect as Tony from A2 Cars will attest.

    I bought the car as a second car, I was driving a great big Audi Quattro, didn't really like it, didn't really suit me and I've always wanted an A2 since seeing the polished aluminium prototypes in the motoring press. As I'm sure all of you will appreciate it was and still is a wonderful piece of engineering. So I sold the quattro and found this A2 on autotrader, I went to see it and bought it there and then. The guy I bought it from, purchased it for the same reasons but sold it shortly after as his wife said it was too small for the push chair!

    The original spec is an A2 1.4 tdi 75 SE OSS, light grey interior, electric lumbar adjust, 4 seat, winter pack and reversing sensors. Since purchasing the car I've added cruise control through A2Cars and sourced a black leather sports interior with adj lumbar, Philips ExTreme Vision dipped beam and philips 360 led side lights. There were a few missing bits such as the warning triangle that I have sourced replacements for; I now think it's perfect, save for a 6 speed box, I have considered this but the 5 speed has such a lovely positive shift action, I don't want to meddle with it!

    The leather sports interior REALLY finishes the car off (and came at significant cost). I still have the original interior in vacuum storage bags and understand that I would probably get a better return putting it back in and selling the leather interior separately but would prefer not to separate the rest of the car from it as, in my opinion, it really finishes the car off perfectly.

    The car drives superbly, Tony from A2Cars dropped it off after some work recently and was stunned by how well it drives.

    The car has 2 former owners and then me.

    Some maintenance history, the early years were serviced at a main dealer, I still have much of the paperwork from these; then had 2 subsequent services by an independent. Very annoyingly and frustratingly they didn't stamp the book, they had left an old service sticker on the door so I contacted them and they confirmed that they had seen the car a few times when it was with it's original owner. It went through the trade at some point and had another couple of services. After I purchased the car I joined the forum here and got in touch with Tony to get the car back to where it should be mechanically.

    I'm fanatical about my cars (apart from the family skip wagon) and like things to be just so, I run a distribution business and am fastidious about ensuring mechanical amelioration.

    In the first service with Tony I had a major service done as well as a new undertray, timing belt and coolant pump, anti roll bar couplings and drop links, new temperature sender, rocker cover remove and re-seal, tracking alignment.

    I've also had a new switch for the fuel flap and a faulty diversity unit for the radio fitted. The car still has the original Concert unit.

    I shortly after had the cruise control fitted.

    The last service 30th March was a biggie..... unfortunately late 2016 the OSS failed. Tony has manufactured a small run of replacement motor brackets that is a common failure part and completely removed, repaired and serviced the OSS; this included new sealing kits, new cable and guides and new motor support element. The OSS is now working as new and I'm assured will do for years to come, rejoice!

    At the same time it had a minor service, rear brake drum service and recondition, new brake pipes, air con purge, re-gas and leak repaired, also now working perfectly.

    The interior is in a fabulous condition, there are a few niggles, scratches where the seatbelts have been left to bang back against the inside of the b pillar, a few little scratches where the seats have been pushed forward against the sides of the centre console and a few around the sills and footwells. There are also some scratches on the plastic backs of the front seats and a minor blemish on one of the rears but the leather itself is in fabulous condition, the lumbars are superb and not collapsed in any way, I've fully deep cleaned and treated the leather myself which really is lovely. There are the usual soft touch issues around the air con controls but to be honest these are far less than you would normally expect from the early soul black cars, look at the photos and judge for yourself! It's a 14 year old car and I'm being picky.

    Negatives - the alloys are original and have corrosion on the centre covers, there are a couple of SMALL scratches and kerb marks and some have corrosion inside. Again though they are far better than others I have seen of a similar age and this can all be rectified easily. The body panels are superb with no dents etc. The only drawback is that when I bought the car there was a reasonably deep scratch on the drivers door, I had a respray on the door and though the colour match is perfect, the clear coat is not as smooth as the original, again this is me being picky, I'm a perfectionist and probably have a bit of OCD ;-)

    There are a couple of other minor blemishes and scratches but only commensurate with a car of this age and I would challenge anyone to find a similar car of the same age that is in better condition (without a full respray !!)

    The car is currently running on Continental winter tyres, I have the normal summer tyres 50% worn in storage that will come with the car.

    Now the BIG negative..... the price... I'm asking 5,600 which is keen looking at what else is on the market but fair given that I would argue there is nothing else as good as this on the market. I have bills totalling more than 4000 that I have spent on the car since I purchased it 18 months ago (wow, I only just totted that lot up !!) Again I have not spared any expense bringing the car up to what it should be and what it is now.

    I will take sensible offers very near to the asking price but, without wishing to put off prospective purchasers, please don't come asking for a big deal on the car, you won't find another like this very easily and it is fabulous. I guarantee if you are serious and take the time to visit, you will fall in love with it as I have.

    I'm offering it on here as though it's a smaller audience, the car deserves to go to an enthusiast, if unsuccessful, I'll offer it on autotrader but I really would prefer not to.

    I've got some stock pics that I'll upload shortly and keep adding them as I get chance to, please p.m me or feel free to ask any questions on here. The car is currently stored at work in Worcestershire or I can take it home to Oxfordshire for viewing.

    If you want to view the car I will accommodate as best I can but work away much of the time so will need some notice, again we can discuss this in more detail if you're interested.

    I've added a few pics now but will update over the next day or two to include as much as I can. The car has been sat over Easter and needs a bit of a clean and I need to pull my finger out, get my proper camera out and take some detailed pics.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wanted an A2 for years, now I've got one!

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    Nice Good Luck with the sale.

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    Lovely looking car with tiny mileage. Very impressive. A true enthusiast car is awfully hard to put a value on. However I personally don't believe you're asking price is a negative. If someone values the package on offer you'll sell it . Best of luck.

    4 grand in bills since October 2015 is nothing short of staggering !!
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    Yep, hasn't ended up being cheap motoring and the OSS failing was an expensive one to get sorted! All working flawlessly now though, the new owner will have a very solid car safe in the knowledge that all the money has already been spent ! Thanks for the compliments.
    Wanted an A2 for years, now I've got one!

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    Very low mileage tdi,s are becoming extremely rare now... definitely one to buy and keep.

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    Would love to keep it but there's only so much room for family members in my life ( ps. don't tell my wife the car is considered a family member ;-) In truth I should have sold it a while ago now but I keep on convincing myself to keep hold of it... need to let go now...
    Wanted an A2 for years, now I've got one!

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    Lovely looking low mileage example with a grand service record; a massive bonus for any prospective buyer. Cracking colour too.

    A significant investment in your ownership and testament to your fastidious and dedicated nature to see the car be the best it can; hats off Sir. Price point is on par for me given the mechanical history, aesthetics, mileage and spec. Good to see cherished examples like this commanding a value that befits the A2 and its future classic status (or current to us in the know).

    Good luck with the sale; would love to be the next owner, but sadly can't justify another purschase right now.
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    Hi rupidoo
    It seems a terrible shame that you've got your lovely low mileage A2 up to the standard & spec you desired & haven't been able to enjoy it to the full after investing so much into it .. the problem is, there is such a disparity in prices that it makes your car look overpriced to the uninitiated ... but true aficionados know the huge difference .. many of the cheap cars have been owned by "normal" owners & the high mileages is testimony to the strength, integrity & build quality of the original design .. it still looks modern to my eyes..However, they still need regular top servicing, care & attention .. unfortunately many have been sorely neglected as they've gone down the food chain ... I own 3 and my son has one also .. I say I'm running a care home for A2s .. all low mileage .. I think many will go to the car park in the sky .. donating their organs in helping fitter A2s .. which will in turn raise the values in time.. yours definitely will go to to an enthusiast..
    I think you need to advertise more widely & bring in someone like you, like me and the majority of owners who have always desired one but never got round to getting one ... good luck with your sale ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren C View Post
    Good to see cherished examples like this commanding a value that befits the A2 and its future classic status (or current to us in the know).
    I heartily agree with this quote from Darren C but please do not expect a quick sale.
    My `05 with 55k and two owners with many extras has had loads of interest but only from those hoping I needed a quick sale and looking to get a bargain by putting in very low offers.
    Be patient & stick with it these low mile well cared for cars are going to be the future classics and are becoming difficult to find and will only get harder as time goes on.
    Good luck with the sale.

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    Hi All,

    Lowering the sale price to 5100 for the car as is until next week when I'll be taking the sports leather interior out and putting the car on general sale with the original light grey interior back in (see one of the pics). Once I've done this the leather interior will be put up for sale separately. Sorry I haven't had chance to get more pics done, the days are evaporating at the moment! Good weekend all.

    Wanted an A2 for years, now I've got one!


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