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Thread: black A2

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    black A2

    2 sightings over the past couple of days - may not have been the same car as I didn't spot the number plate on the first one, but the second one looked like DG03*** at a glance.

    First one was being driven down Sansome Walk in Worcester about lunchtime on Wed 17 May.

    Second one was in a car park off Gaol Lane in Hereford.

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    Not me, but I am a bit spooked by 5 in our village this month within quarter of mile of my house. My two, a shiny black one I often see passing the coop, a few days later a stunning red that made me spin round and admire also the coop. Passing the post office I encountered a twin (Mauritious blue), youngish driver who looked bemused by my waved greeting!!! Then there is the resident silver on a nearby road. It must be spring and the mating season.


    I just thought that's six.
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