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Thread: Car wound not start when fuel tank go below half a tank

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    Hi spike, thank you for the reply, I was under impression that 2001 - 1.4 Diesel TDi use “electric fuel pump build in side the tank,
    There is an error in the A2 documentation that says the TDI has a fuel pump in the fuel tank. The petrol A2s have such a pump, but the TDIs do not.

    My first line of attack with this problem would be to change the fuel filter. It's so frequently overlooked by garages when performing a service.

    It's also possible that your fuel tank has been contaminated by 'diesel bug':
    This sludge floats around in the tank and can block pipes and filters. It may be that a culture of microbes is floating in the tank, causing a blockage when half the tank has been used.


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    Definitely no pump in the tank. I've been in mine 3 times to change the sender. Two senders from breakers and one OEM and I still don't trust the gauge. Carry around 5ltrs of diesel.

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