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Thread: Farewell A2 and bits for use

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    Farewell A2 and bits for use

    We've had an A2 TDi since 2010 and loved it, but sadly this week it has driven its last. Scrapping it at the weekend.

    It was in a bit of a state when we got it so thank you very much for all your advice that I avidly read in 2010-11! This was (is? - haven't been here for a while) a great and generous forum.

    So now there is a set of original Audi roof bars (doesn't fit OpenSky) that we don't need any more. (See picture.) Comes with torque bar and keys. Open to offers. If you want to collect then you can have them for nowt (We are in Midlothian.)

    If you want any other items (e.g. warning triangle, rear seats) let me know before this weekend...!

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    PM Sent just now
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    Maybe not my place to say but have you thought of contacting A2Steve here on the forum re disposal?


    PS Also sent a PM
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    I don't suppose you have any genuine rubber mats, front mudflaps, towbar or hard touch climate panel by any chance do you please? They're all on my wish list and would rather pay you for them than see them go to the Scrappie.

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    Hi Simon, no to the mudflaps and towbar, I do have original footwell mats. The climate panel is the same as this one if you want it albeit with a fair bit of wear on the temp and fan buttons, but how hard is it to remove??

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    Hi Craig,

    This may be developing into an items "for sale" thread and I have moved it accordingly. Please can you list the items you have for sale with prices and possibly photo,s. If you are giving parts away to benefit members then it is very much appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    I would be interested in some bits Craig, PM me with your location I'm just on the West of Edinburgh.

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    Thanks Dave. I wasn't able to post originally in the sales thread.

    Roof bars, triangle and original mats are taken.

    mrbroons I'll PM you.

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    Thanks Craig.

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    Was good to meet you mrbroons!

    Car is now at breakers yard at Engine Road, Loanhead, EH20 9RF. They've got two A2s there. Number is 0131 440 1777 if anybody wants to call and see if they've got bits you need.

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