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Thread: Restoration of headlights first job on A2

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    Quote Originally Posted by rippling View Post
    After the lights were done i just had to fit leds!

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    Hi! What kind of leds did you use? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheechy View Post
    One thing to note is that it's important to apply uv protection to the headlights as this will have been removed from the top later. Wax or sealant regular top ups or hazing will return fairly quickly.
    Hi cheechy. Have you a recommended product? Cannot see anything on ebay as a stand-alone products (not part of a restoration kit). Some international sellers are selling UV film but are these legal (and many are tinted).

    Edit. Another search finds Meguiar's Headlight Protectant 296ml on ebay for 12.03 including postage.
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    Uv protection is via any ESC or sealant really but the key is really ensuring you keep it topped up regularly just like the bodywork.

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