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Thread: 'Lady' - Red Colour Storm in Bristol

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    'Lady' - Red Colour Storm in Bristol


    I thought I would finally start a project thread after a couple of months of ownership! I'm hoping the car behaves and is a long termer

    The car as a 1.6 FSI Misano Red Colour Storm, 4 seater. The for sale thread is on the forum here. Not a bad car, but what I didn't pick up on when checking it over was:
    • Rough idle - should have plugged in my OBDII reader and I would have seen the P1031 error. No EML on the dash though
    • Gear change isn't great and clutch is a bit short
    • The 'blower off' button was very worn - a symptom of a sticky flap (again threw an error)

    She looks OK from a distance, but plenty of stubborn grime on the red, some stone chips on the front and faded blacks. Inside the seat colour looks a bit faded/muted but I think that's original, and a few holes in the cloth. After a hoover and wipe out many years of family ownership have been cleared out (the rear door pockets were not pretty). Only a couple of patches of 'gloop' that couldn't be removed. Lots of the buttons are looking worn so will try and get round those as small jobs (bought a broken stereo with a better front to swap first). I've done the car social thing with my 924 but kind-of lost interest in that side of things for the moment so probably won't be heading to events in the short while - but you never know I might come round to it again.

    The first 'adventure' was the alternator packing in on a Sunday on the M62. Got to the first services on the M6 South from there and she struggled to start again and the power-steering quickly gave up. 3 hours later in the rain the RAC finally turned up with a new alternator and we were back on the road shortly after (got a 20 Amazon voucher and a cold for the wait...). This also put the airbag light on.

    Second failure was me buying cheap stereo removal keys from ebay. The stereo didn't come out but I how have a rattly dash. New set on order!

    Oh and the name - being red and black we joked about adding some black dots to make her look like a ladybird! Fortunately we're yet to follow through

    Todo list:
    • Rough idle/running (P1031 - Intake Manifold Tuning Valve (N316): Setpoint Not Reached)
    • Slow to heat up - thermostat
    • Front brake pads
    • Tyres all round
    • Gearbox oil/clutch
    • Heating vent fix
    • Aircon regas
    • Wax after a wash
    • Stereo bluetooth upgrade
    • Cruise control fit

    Done list:
    • A good clean inside
    • Swap stereo front / buttons
    • Clear airbag light
    • Replace buttons
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Fuel log. Currently always using premium, mostly Tesco Momentum 99.
    Date Litres Miles MPG Notes
    Jul 17 34.5 332.7 43.84
    24 Jul 17 30.8 258 38.08 Car loaded
    6 Aug 17 21.6 237 49.88
    Think I missed one
    16 Oct 17 16.09 106 29.95 Short runs
    4 Nov 17 32.63 294 40.96
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    And she's currently in AP Autocare Bristol today for initially a diagnostic. I'm hoping the 66 will tell me more that my 15 bluetooth ODBII reader and then we'll let them crack on with some stuff from the to-do list. A new garage to me, but apparently a VAG specialist and have a few Porsches in so can't be that bad!

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    I look forward to seeing your progress having just bought an almost identical car

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    Welcome along, always nice to see a new colourstorm owner appear, best of luck with all your jobs, it'll be rewarding in the end, be nice to see those pics when you get a chance,
    Cheers Jeff
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    Ive used AP in the past and theyve always been okay for me with VWs and Skodas

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    Does your engine management light illuminate when you turn on the ignition prior to starting the engine? If it does not the EML has probably been disabled by the previous owner. Looking forward to seeing progress!!

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    Looking forward to the project and if you need freebie diagnostics I am in Trowbridge with VCDS (vagcom) so can hopefully keep the costs down. Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topsie View Post
    Does your engine management light illuminate when you turn on the ignition prior to starting the engine? If it does not the EML has probably been disabled by the previous owner. Looking forward to seeing progress!!

    Hmmm, various lights come one but I haven't noticed one missing. If I've bought a car from someone who's disabled the EML then I'll be most annoyed to say the least. Will double check what lights come one later and take a pic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cenick View Post
    Ive used AP in the past and theyve always been okay for me with VWs and Skodas
    Yeah, so 66 lighter for them to tell me the same error code and they wanted 2.5 hours labour to strip down the inlet manifold before finding out what it actually was. Asked them for a total fix costs as I wasn't going to spend hundred going down a rabbit hole. Call back and worst case 800 inc VAT to replace the manifold. They said if the manifold had previously been apart and put back together out of alignment then this could have caused the problem, or it could just be gunked up. Asked whether it could be anything else other than the flaps themselves such as a sensor and they said no, reading around the error surely if it's in the right position and just reading the wrong position then this would cause the error? Error code:, the workshop strip-down looks like it shouldn't be too hard to reach some of it:

    So, will pick up the car later and pay the money (hopefully they haven't add anything on for clearing the airbag light). Maybe try a bottle of engine cleaner first, given the long list of other things that need doing either I just have to ignore it and work through the other issues, do nothing, or trade her in for something else Feel like I've bought a lemon.


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