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Thread: 'Lady' - Red Colour Storm in Bristol

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    Thank you.

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    So I had made the silly mistake of replacing the stereo front with a cassette in, it wouldn't eject as the door was closed rather than being held open as it should be. I figured this out after taking the front off, scratching my head, ejecting the tape and have a "eureka/I'm an idiot" moment.

    Next up was the climate control buttons. Before:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    An improvement but not perfect, I didn't bother with the end ones as they're not the easiest to remove. A bit concerned about the lower two buttons as they sit in a bit much, hopefully they'll still press OK.

    Aside from a USB port in a better location I'm getting to the stage where I might have to actually fix some problems with the car rather than just playing around

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    And I broke her One of the buttons must be stuck on, I've managed to change the display to Fahrenheit and can't adjust the blowers. At least the fans on low and blowing out cold air rather than full blast! Will crack off some buttons at the weekend and see what I've done...

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    It might not be you. Reports of buttons of a slightly different design.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew View Post
    It might not be you. Reports of buttons of a slightly different design.

    Cheers Andy - have seen that thread but did not pay enough attention to it! I've still got all the old buttons to hand which should make it a lot easier I did have to take a little nick out of one of the radio buttons in the end so should have wised me up. Again - why would anyone change such small details!

    Despite not working the panel did look great in the dark with all the buttons lighting up correctly


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