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Thread: Oil change god sent?

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    Oil change god sent?

    Hi everyone,

    I stumbled across this website ‘Quick valve uk’ which sells oil drain valves for our A2’s.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Like many of you I change my oil a lot sometimes twice, three times a year and this little gizmo I fancy trying out. It essentially quickens the process of changing your oil, without having to remove sump plug. Ok it isn’t a ball ache but this can make your oil change that little easier...

    Now it would be nice if someone has tried and tested this product if not I certainly will.

    Here’s website:

    What’s your thoughts?


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    BMW use these but I always think it leaves the gunge in the bottom of the sump?
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    Oil change god sent?

    Excellent product have had many fitted to most of my Audi’s over the years, these are used on heavy plant etc so very well made.


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    I agree these valves do save time.

    However, if you're not removing your undertray and examining all the mechanical components covered, then you are not completing a "Service" in the same way a professinal workshop would.
    Some think that because their car is MOT'd, such defects would be highlighted for them, however this really isn't the case.

    A "service" shouldn't only be about changing oil and filters, it ought to be about proactive preventative maintenance and safety checks too.

    Parts prices for the VAG group of vehicles are not cheap, therefore I feel that a little more effort and time spent underneath my car every 10k miles gives me a better chance of; (a) being prepared financially should I notice wear on an expensive component, and (b) happy in the knowledge i'm as safe as I can be in my car.

    Just a thought, and of course, each to their own.

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    If time saved is the plan, why not just get a fluid extractor? This pokes down the dipstick tube and sucks oil out from the sump that way. It's what your Audi franchise will do and it's the ultimate time saver.

    I've been servicing A2s for 15 years now and have never done anything than removing the tray and renewing the sump plug. It flushes the most debris out and as Jeff says, you can get your head down there and have a good look around to see if anything is amiss (any leaks, rubbing, cracking, movement of ARB bushes etc, split boots and so on). I bet you'l find something which requires attention and you'll soon understand why transmission oil needs renewing periodically!!
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    I like to take my time when servicing a car, after all, i'm not in an F1 pit crew!

    It can be a drawback though if you are liable to "tinkering" as your to-do list may suddenly grow with "nice-to-do" and not "need-to-do"
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    I've always been able to do this without removing the tray? It's been a relatively quick process to do the whole job? This applies to both the petrol and diesel versions ...


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    I'm sure the little oil tap thingy does save time, but I've never changed the engine oil without also changing the air filter. Given that you have to remove the undertray in order to change the air filter, I confess I don't entirely see the value in the oil tap. Taking the sump plug off and popping on a new one can't consume much more than 30 seconds.


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