The A2OC relies upon donations to fund its running costs. It does not support advertising. However, many of our members provide products and services which may be of interest to other members.

In order to provide a fair environment for all A2OC members who provide potentially competitive services, the following rules apply:

  • Members may advertise their own products and services within their signatures so long as such advertisements are discrete. Bold text, capital letters, large fonts or logos must not be used.
  • Following allegations of copyright infringement, the A2OC cannot support the advertising of any engine remapping services offered by club members. Members must not advertise these services or promote the services of other members on the forum.
  • Members must not advertise other people's businesses within their signatures.
  • Members may include the discrete names (but not the phone number) of other suppliers of services or parts that are relevant to their vehicles within their signatures (for example, "Cruise provided by X"). Bold text, italic text, capital letters, large fonts or logos must not be used in such endorsements.
  • Members may respond to requests for help with details of their services within a post, or recommendations to use a particular supplier.
  • Members wishing to share their experience of suppliers and services are encouraged to use the Dealers forum.
  • Members who contravene the rules will be given a warning.