The Audi A2 Owners' Club (A2OC) Market is intended to provide a fair trading environment for advertisers and buyers alike. This requires a number of ground rules to be respected by all of our users.

The Market section provides a number of forums:

  • Cars - A forum for advertising complete A2 cars.
  • Parts - A forum for advertising parts and accessories for A2s.
  • Wanted - A forum for requesting items.
  • Spotted - A forum for identifying external advertisements of A2s and accessories.


  • The A2OC does not accept responsibility for the products advertised within the Market forums, or the information therein.
  • The A2OC or moderators cannot accept any liability for any losses incurred from the use of the Market forums. If you are a victim of any activity you feel is illegal then please report this to the moderators who will endeavour to help you.
  • Anyone deliberately defrauding other advertisers will be dealt with severely. We encourage defrauded advertisers to seek assistance from the police and we will actively assist the authorities to secure a conviction.
  • The A2OC will cooperate with the police and trading standards if they suspect someone to have advertised an item illegally or contravening the Consumer Rights Act. We will retain personal details of advertisers which may be disclosed to the police and Trading Standards for the purposes of preventing and detecting crime or to a user with a justified complaint about a vehicle.
  • Advertising stolen goods will result in an instant and permanent forum ban.
  • Any user found to have misdescribed a car (or sold an unroadworthy one) will result in a permanent ban.
  • The A2OC does not accept any responsibility for items sold through the Market which are subsequently sold at a higher price elsewhere (e.g. eBay). Advertisers should resolve their grievances independently with the original purchaser.


  • Members must not make derogatory or disparaging comments about an advertiser's asking price or description in the public forum. If you have an issue with the seller, it is suggested you make contact via private message. Alternatively contact the site moderators using the link at the bottom of the page.

Rules for advertisers

  • An advert can only be placed in the Market forums. Adverts will not be allowed anywhere else on the forum.
  • Single item advertisements are permitted when the seller has only one item for sale.
  • Sellers with multiple items for sale should list all items in a single advert to keep the marketplace clean and easier to navigate for members.
  • Ensure that you include a price for each item. This cannot be “offers”.
  • Add as much information as you can e.g. which A2 model(s) will this fit/part numbers/description of part/condition. This will aid people when searching the market. Include pictures where appropriate.
  • Pictures must be less than 3Mb each.
  • You may not link to personal advertisements hosted externally other than in the Market forums.
  • You may not advertise products in reply to an existing advert (* see exceptions below).
  • It is acceptable to link to an eBay classified advert or an auction which includes a Buy It Now price. Please indicate this when creating the advert.
  • Only the seller can update their advert thread.
  • Questions can be asked by replying to the advert.
  • Advertisers selling items with an agreed price must honour responses on a “first come, first served” basis within replies to the sale thread. Advertisers must not negotiate better deals with other potential buyers via PMs.
  • Advertisers giving away items for free must also adhere to the protocols expected of those selling items with an agreed price.
  • All completed adverts should have the Sold thread prefix added to the original post. Once complete, such adverts will be archived to the Sold forum. This will ensure that only live adverts will be shown in the Market forums.
  • New adverts in the Cars/Parts/Wanted/Spotted forums will display in the "New posts" area of the Market, they will NOT be shown in the "New” section of the main forum.
  • You will not be able to “bump” adverts to bring them to the top. This is unfair to other advertisers.
  • Rules apply regardless of if you are an established seller on the Market, an occasional seller or a new seller.
  • We do not advocate the breaking of repairable cars for profit. If the club has reason to believe this is the case the advert will be removed. A2OC is a club that aims to promote and assist A2 ownership. Stripping of viable cars is against the nature of our club. However, we do understand that some cars are beyond economical repair and that many members need parts to keep their A2 in top condition and on the road.
  • You must be over 18 to advertise here.
  • You may only advertise personally owned items which are legal to sell in the UK.
  • You must describe the goods accurately. Be honest. If you misrepresent the condition or history of the goods, then the purchaser is within their rights to demand a partial refund or a return of the goods at your expense.
  • Advertisements are only accepted on condition that the advertiser warrants that they do not contravene the Consumer Rights act, or any other local laws.
  • Advertisements which break these rules will be removed without notice, and the appropriate authorities notified.

Guidelines for buyers

  • Interest in an item should be posted as replies to an advert and not via the message option (sometimes called PMs/private message). This is to keep the sequence of interest visible.
  • The seller and buyers/interested members can post their questions/chat relating to the sale item(s) as replies to the advert.
  • If you wish to chat/ask questions unrelated to sale item(s) then these should be in the main forums and not in the Market.
  • Buyers are encouraged to take all reasonable steps to verify the validity of vehicles advertised in these forums.
  • Buyers are reminded to ask the seller for details of the MOT or V5c document reference prior to viewing. Buyers can use this information to check the history and validity of the car's MOT using the Government's online MOT checker:
  • Buyers should also validate registration details with such documents and any images of the vehicle prior to purchase.
  • Buyers are recommended to walk away from any potential purchase if they have any suspicions on the validity of an advertisement. They are also encouraged to report such advertisements to the forum moderators.

Guidelines for wanted items

  • Potential buyers can post wanted adverts in the Wanted forum.
  • Members who can provide the wanted items should initially reply to the post for visibility.
  • Potential buyers can then follow up publicly or via private message to complete their transaction.
  • All completed wanted averts should have the Found thread prefix added to the original post. Such posts will be periodically archived to the Sold forum.


  • Members with post access to the Market forums may offer an item for sale in response to a genuine query for assistance elsewhere on the site. Any item offered must be relevant to the question posted (for example, a part necessary to repair a problem or carry out a desired modification). This is intended to reduce the overhead of creating new Market posts or private messages.