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    Just joined up, how do I go about ordering the club badges and decals?

    Nothing showing up in the shop section?


    Hi Ben
    i have a 1.4tdi 51 plate A2 with the annoying generic 'thudding' noise you get when you pull away at low revs (some posts say moooing noise?/EGR valve)
    the guy i bought it from said he had been to and fro from Audi and was told the usual...'they all do it, it's a feature of the tdi engine on A2's!'
    a friend, Martyn Franklin co-runs an Audi/VW internet parts specialists, his advice is always spot on
    he said that replacing the EGR valve would probably not cure the issues i was having. He recommended a company called T.R.D in Stroud,
    Dan Turner suggested a custom re-map of the engine management system which turns off the EGR 'electronically' (so it still stays in the car) but, improves performance with no detrimental
    emissions and better mpg. This cured the problem and i would like to recommend this solution to other tdi owners

    Whereabouts in Wiltshire are you ?
    I wanted to ask for a vag-com diagnostic..

    How do I use the chat in this forum if I needed to ask a member online?
    Happy New Year,
    Best regards,
    Dear Ben, are you the webmaster ? If you are can you email me or get them to email me at ;

    I was actually looking for relevant backlinks to my site, but found a couple of problems that I felt needed pointing out.

    Carl -
    hi ,ben i have a problem with my audi A2 ,i would like to ask a question to all your member but i dont know how to do it ,can you help.ray.
    Hey, I would appreciate your experience of owning and driving a 1.6 FSI as I have just bought one, but still to pick up from the dealer.

    I currently have a 2.0 TDI and I guess having a little bit of an after thought on whether I am going to notice a difference in pulling power especially on the motorways.

    The test drive of this car did give a very good impression, but then haven't been on a road to open the car up and see what it was like overall.

    Cheers :D
    Hi Ben, I think Carl has possibly sent this over to you (please see below) but just in case I thought I would send it across. I wasn't sure who would be the best person to approach on this was but have been informed by Carl to chat with you. If you are interested or would like to chat directly please send me your phone number and I will call.



    Originally Posted by SteveR
    Dear Mike/Wooly,

    As you may know I own an A2 which I have just commented on re the sunroof. I run a business which is a lost and found service linked to the airline industry and was started for the problem that is lost luggage.[ ] We now have products which offer the same service for mobile phones, laptops, cameras, passports etc. We manufacture a metal tag for luggage at present and are about to make a metal keyfob with i-TRAK service.

    I'm not sure if you're the correct persons to approach on this, having looked at the shop it's possible that an A2 owners club key fob with the i-TRAK service attached could be of interest to owners and club members and be sold in the shop. I would be happy if I could get a high res logo to create a design and then send it to you for sign off. To create 1,000 pieces it would cost around £600 landed in the UK (so 60 pence each). Just a thought! Let me know if this would be something of interest, I would potentially be happy to look at fronting the cost for some of this if it is.


    Steve Rush
    Souns like a great idea i have a similar thing on my keyring a boomerang with a tracking number on it ,i can see people would be interested you really need to speak to Ben as im not sure if we have the coffers for this at the moment as we are just about to venture into some A2 Owners club clothing ...

    PM ben

    Cheers Carl
    Do you know why from time to time i get the next message when trying to read posts? The most recent one was when i tried to acces the next post:

    trex, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

    1. Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
    2. If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

    Log Out Home

    I'm logged on and afaik i do not have any restrictions.
    Hi Ben,
    I recently wrote a post regarding a diagnostic problem with my 1.4 TDi. Are you able/willing to do a VAG-COM check for me? Audi's standard charge is £50. I live near salisbury and figured that it you would not be too far away?
    Many thanks,

    i've just started to look at the whole chipping/remap issue and i wondered if you could point me in the direction of someone. I,m based in Salisbury (which is why i thought i would ask you).

    Any help would be great,

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