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  • Thanks Steve, any news on votex jacking point covers?
    I am getting a bit annoyed at the painter, he has promised me on four occasions that they will be ready.

    He is a really nice guy but I think he is having problems at home.

    It won't be long now I am sure.

    Steve B
    They are in stock now, I have reserved a set for you.

    Please message me your name and address and I will let you have my PayPal details.
    Steve B
    Hi Steve, could you give me some guidance as to suitable tyre sizes for 7.5Jx17 ET33 alloys? I have also asked on the definitive wheel and tyre guide.

    Thanks Graham.
    Already answered you on the forum.

    Steve B
    Birchill do u have any ideas on how to source a rear driver side jack point cover for the vortex body kit? Do u know of anyone who could do it with a 3d printer maybe? Thanks.
    I have produced around 30 Votex Jacking Point covers on my 3D printer.

    They are currently being smoothed and primed.

    They will be available I a few days (according to the painter) They are £20 each and are identical to the originals.

    So if you message me, I will have a reminder that you want one when they are done.

    Steve B
    Hi steve - haven't forgotten about those 15 inch alloys and I guess you've been busy . If it's still possible to post these can you send after the 21st July (after pay day) as I've had an expensive month

    Thanks in advance - David
    I have a2005 1.4 petrol with throttle problems
    over 2 inches of dead play before rev rise and revs not dropping quickly after gear change
    I live in North Kent and would be interested if anyone has diagnostic kit locally
    Duncan Macintyre
    Hi Birchall. Was wondering if you would like to buy a set of alloys from me. I have sold my A2 and think you would benefit from them more than me. Not asking for a lot. £60. Let me know what you think. Munaf
    Hi Steve
    My name is Russell, I work with your son Carl. I am after a cheap A2 (under £800) fairly quickly. I was wondering if you've got/or know of someone who has a diesel or petrol one for sale ?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated, thank you
    Hi Steve,

    I was wondering if you could help me out and send some pics of where you put the visibility sensor so I can keep it oem like I'm sure you have in your baby.

    Respect for the (Project) truly one of the most inspiring A2's around.

    Cheers pal

    Hi. I'm going to fit a set of 18" wheels to my sons A2 and noticed you have done the same. I wondered if you could help me out. They are the RS4 wheels (multifit replicas I think) ET 35 and was wondering about tyres and would I need to fit some spacer shims etc. Tyres I was going to go for 215-35-18s and 10mm spacers. Any advice would be very much appreciated. This is my first posting since joining so it's all very new to me.

    Just need to make sure the car is safe for use as its my sons car. Cheers Chris
    Hi Steve I have problems with my a2 locking and alarm I had to remove the battery from remote to try in another cars remote for sake of battery, when u replaced new battery in my a2 remote it won't sync so i lock and unlock the car ignition to second position and the car locks and unlocks and then the alarm triggers and will not stop with remote and only stops when it times out, also when you put in ignition it locks and unlocks but won't start either . I'm stuck big time!! HELP


    i'm following with great interest the status off the votex-kit. according to the last post, the rear spoiler is about to get ready. my car already has the rear spoiler mounted so mine interest is in the rest off the kit. can you tell me something about the status off the kit? thx and greetz, raimond
    Hi Steve

    Hope you are keeping well?

    Can you send me a private message to please

    Kind regards

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