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  • bretti,
    Where is the egr valve located, the garage switched the eml off last week caused by the egr, and its back on, so it seems like it needs replacing. Is it easy to reach or do I need a trained ferret?
    Hello again Bret.

    It was bound to happen, me coming back to you regarding this 1.8T conversion. I have been talking to Awesome GTI about doing this conversion and when I mentioned the possibility of there being a fitting kit they said it could save time and money, hence this email. The guys at Awesome are also trying to talk me into using the S3 engine.

    I have now got a blown engine so I'm seriously considering to do the conversion now.

    Before I place an order with Alumu (I'm sure thats who it was) for the fitting kit, it would be extremely handy to know, what is included in the kit. Will the kit fit the S3 20v engine? I'm thinking of using the Seat Ibiza tdi 6speed box as it appears to use a similar mount. Is there any items the designer/fabricator (Alumu?) would advise I need.

    Sorry for bothering you again regarding this matter but you had been so helpful before on this subject.

    Thank you in advance, Malcolm
    I may want to attend. I just found out about this gathering. I will be fresh back from Italy. How do I get info?
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