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  • Thanks Pal for your kind words, Hope Fiona, wee Rowan and yourself are good too. Yes I also find reminder now and again does wonders for my morale ;)
    hallo Murdo, I am David's partner, David is still in hospital , All is going well, he asked me to send you the parcel, will do that either today or tomorrow, all being well you will receive it on monday.

    greetings Yanny
    Hi Murdo Sorry not been in touch been really busy Got the A2 from Stafford Give me a shout how you are for time as i am pretty flexible just now All with car is great .............until i put my hand in glove box today its soaking So instant message to the A2 brain Mike
    Hi Murdo
    Am I correct in thinking that your A2 is a 1.4 petrol? If so, is the replacement dip stick working out better for you? More legable? I have been thinking to replace mine with one like yours. Would it be possible to give me the part number off your new one so I can go to audi to order one.
    Regards Malcolm
    Murdo, Can you send me some pics of this as i was looking for the space floor box that goes in the rear footwell and did not know that that was not what you were talking about (my fault). i might now be interested in this however. I dont have a false floor so will this fit in my boot?

    Hi, cheers for getting back to me i have been looking for one for months! does £40 + whatever the postage will cost sound fair, please don't be offended if this is to low! If you are ok with this you can email me your full name, address and contact number to and i will send you a check. If you just get back to me with the final amount you want me to pay i will write you a check, you will be ok to arrange potage?

    Cheers murdo
    Hi Murdo, interested in the speaker covers, well the passgenger one. Are they dark grey / black in colour? I'd ordered one from Audi but they seem to be obsolete. I've just sold the A2 and my passenger one is cracked so would like to replace it. Thanks Jamie
    hey murdo, at the bottom of your posts you have a list of spec's.. how do i list mine?
    Hi Murdo was looking through your Photos and thought that looks like an A3 interior, it took me a back for a mo and then i twiged that you have an A3 DA!!!, some great shots i think if i remember right the photo of Mike was the day before i went down to have my cruise fitted. Looks like some rare sun when you was there it was raining for me nothing new there it always rains when i go to manchester. As i'm writing this i can hear the "Chavs" getting ready for your Birthday lol
    Cheers Phil
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