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  • Hi Robert,

    The extra cost for my system is an extra tank, a one or two three-way valves and a controller. It would probably be mainly pre-heat in the winter and mainly the sole source of water heating in the summer. It's flexible and would absolutely minimise the use of fossil fuels for heating water throughout the year. It might seem relatively expensive now but the price of fossil fuels are only going to go in one direction.


    Hello, We exchanged some text on the forum!
    I'm intrigued and impressed by your patent application and curious to know how far you have taken this?
    Plan looks good on paper but in reality the cost will hinder any take-up surely?
    My view is that pre-heat appears tobe where the mass market take-up is.
    Suppliers of solar heating go for dual coil immersion heater tanks, as you know, not the best way to go, plus it still costs thousands to get installed.
    Here's my email if easier to reply. robjohnb@ovi.com

    Regards, Robert
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