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  • Hi Spike,

    I was looking through the forum for help with something and saw that you'd had the problem too so I hoped you could help.

    While trying to take off my brake calipers I managed to strip the threads in the wheel bearing housing..nightmare. I saw that you'd had the same issue a few years back, and that you picked up a built up housing and bearing assembly from Audi. I wasn't sure from your message, did you carry out the work yourself? What sort of price would I be looking at?

    Thanks a lot
    Hi, there are only 2 club members who can help.
    Sarge786 is based in London and Skipton01 is from the Manchester area. Suggest you send them a PM (private message) to discuss the exact key spec required etc.

    Cheers Spike
    Hi,Just purchased an A2 with only one key.I live in Stafford.Could you or someone (?) help out with programming a spare. Many Thanks mini274
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