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    [A/C Compressor Idler] - Easy way out?

    Hi all, This is going to be a tough one. Here it goes. I had the A/C system entirely disconnected, i.e., compressor was only being used to drive the belt, no hoses, no oil. I thought this would be all right until I heard a clicking noise thinking it was the idler pulley of either the cambelt...
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    Alternator belt change on Audi A2 1.4 tdi (non AC)

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    CAM Belt - Help? Costs etc

    Hey y'all, Hope anyone/everyone reading this is well. I have my 52 plate 1.6FSI A2 with only 65K miles (genuine) to run around in. i had a service today - £480 for a larger service replacing brake discs and fan belt but i was also made aware that the Cam belt may need changing as hasnt so...