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    Chat I'm new here and looking for advice, what is something you wish you knew before buying your A2?

    Hi I am from Germany, the home of the A2 and I'm looking for advice on the A2. On the German A2 forum I learned that the 1.4 TDI (75) is supposedly the most robust (as in most reliable) A2 of all. I should mention that I never had a car and this would be my first one. What do you think is a...
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    Newbie Needing Advice!!

    Hi Guys, I'm new to this and being a prospective A2 buyer, I need some sound advice... I'm potentially buying an A2 tomorrow x-reg 1.4 SE in blue from a non-audi car dealer and needed your expert opinions. I've already found my way round the site for things to look out for when looking at the...