1. D

    Chorus 1 + Bluetooth. Compatible?

    Hi all, I just bought a 2001 Audi A2, and I’m looking for a little help. It’s got the Chorus 1 head unit, and I wanted to add Bluetooth, so bought this: The ad...
  2. ndavid

    Concert 2 and CAN-BUS

    I have managed to fit my newly bought headunit (after I pulled up the volume button successfully), now I have this infamous illumination issue. But my car is a 2003 model with CAN-BUS. Originally I had a Chorus 2 (8Z0 035 152 A), my new radio is a Concert 2 (8Z0 035 186 F). I though that...
  3. G

    Old Chorus cassette radio?

    Just been clearing out the loft and found the old Chorus cassette radio that we took out of our A2 when we put the Concert CD player in. Do you think anyone would want it? Can't find the security code mind you, so it's probably scrap...
  4. G

    Upgrade to CD from Chorus

    Hi there, First post! First A2! What an awesome looking, well built machine! Love it! And what an excellant and friendly resource this site is too. Anyway,my cars a 2001 1.4 SE with Chorus. Is there a alternative "plug n' play" CD player I could fit - preferably a standard Audi fitment...