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    [A/C Compressor Idler] - Easy way out?

    Hi all, This is going to be a tough one. Here it goes. I had the A/C system entirely disconnected, i.e., compressor was only being used to drive the belt, no hoses, no oil. I thought this would be all right until I heard a clicking noise thinking it was the idler pulley of either the cambelt...
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    Climatronic not working, no TDCs

    I'm a bit stumped, as the AC in my wife's car is refusing to blow cold air. Can you guys help? Current situation: - Compressor & dryer changed in 2015 acc. to the service book. There is a minimal amount of axial play on the compressor pulley, and the pulley center and the pulley itself...
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    I just fixed my a/c with cheap s/h pump from ebay

    Hello Just thought I'd share this. I have no previous experience with any of this but if I can do it ... (**important** I had the old gas properly recovered first. It's illegal to just let it go, as it's a poisonous CFC) My A2 air con has been broken since we bought the car over a year ago. I...