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    Summer outfit
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  3. lvsghost

    Condensation Issue...

    Hi folks, Washed and detailed Lyra today for the first time in over a month and realised there is condensation in my passenger rear light and although I've circled the area I first noticed it upon further inspection it looks like the whole light has it under the red bits anyway and there is...
  4. D

    Interchangeable bumpers between different models/years?

    Hello - I foolishly lent my Y-plate 1.4TDi to my ex-girlfriend who returned it with a huge dent in the rear bumper after reversing into a concrete bollard. I need to try and source another rear bumper and I'm looking at breakers yards and ebay for a replacement. I'm just wondering - are there...
  5. audi Atwo

    saw this about sunroof and i am still wondering can it be done

    :confused: well saw this post from 2003 about remote sunroof locking http://www.a2oc.net/forum/showthread.php?596-Closing-sunroof-from-remote-possible&highlight=remote+sunroof , and I am curious as this heat in this years summer is making it a pain when I get out and see I forgot to close the...