1. ecurb

    How to clear G201 ABS warning after repair?

    Hi all, Was able to get a replacement MK60 ABS pump for my Audi A2 2005 model. We were able to successfully fit the new pump and bleed the brake system. Now we are trying to clear the ABS G201 fault code which is coming up on VCDS Lite application. However it is not able to clear the code. Is...
  2. andrew007007

    Wiper blade won't turn off

    Wiper blade won't turn off Been to garage and is not module or stalk Heard that if computer fault it's a big job ? Anyone any experience of this or advice ? Any local members that can help / fix ? Thanks.
  3. R

    Fault codes and braking issues!

    Hi all, Having problems with my A2 1.4 petrol and thought I would ask for some opinions. If people would be so kind! For a background - Due to an intermmitent EPC light on a previous visit my garage already told me he had erased codes for EGR valve and inlet manifold pressure sensor but the...
  4. P

    Dash Lit-up - Codes 01314 & 17861. More Problems Hidden?

    Just had the ABS, ASR and big red exclamation mark appear - the only fault codes stored are 17861 (EGT sensor short) and 01314 (ECU - DTC memory). The EGT sensor fault has appeared before, but without the dash lights - it hadn't reoccurred since I first cleared it. As fate dictates, I'm over...
  5. wilco184

    Faulty Rear Interior Light Repair

    Hello. I noticed recently that when opening any of the doors, only the front interior lights illuminated. The rear lights would illuminate only when the front light was set to be always on using the rocker switch, which is different to other cars and certainly does not seem conventional. I...
  6. tagscuderia

    Cluster repair companies...

    Hello all, I'll keep this very simple. My cluster has been diagnosed with an internal fault, local Audi dealer, so I'm looking at companies that repair them. As always, these companies all share their fair share (quite the mouth full) of negative reviews - some of them scathing. I don't know...