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    Cross use of audi parts
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    Drivers perspective
  3. lvsghost

    Condensation Issue...

    Hi folks, Washed and detailed Lyra today for the first time in over a month and realised there is condensation in my passenger rear light and although I've circled the area I first noticed it upon further inspection it looks like the whole light has it under the red bits anyway and there is...
  4. lvsghost

    A change of seats

    Hi Folks, I'm thinking about a change and one of the options was MK1 TT front leathers I was wondering if anyone has fitted them? and if it was straight forward? my other option was to sell / swap my full leathers (front and rear) for a set of half leather half alcantara if anybody is selling a...
  5. thestable

    A2 cluster light - Engine light... removeable?

    I'm slowly getting somewhere with the engine problems with my FSI ... well I'm not the dealer I bought it from is allegedly sorting it at a garage. Not long after I bought the car i noticed that the engine warning/management light was not turning on and off at start up like the other lights...
  6. Grace Somerfield

    Steering Wheel Upgrade (none OEM)

    I recently brought a OMP deep dish steering wheel (yes my 1.4 A2 wants to be a racecar!) I'm not the best at mechanics and will obviously take it somewhere to get changed, but I don't want to turn up with the steering wheel and not a boss kit. However, I cannot seem to find a boss kit...
  7. Grace Somerfield

    No back seat handle!!

    I've searched through many of the back seat threads and cannot seem to find anyone with this problem so apologies if this has already been solved! When I purchased my A2 (April last year for my first car) there was no rear seat "handle" for the right back seat. (The "handle" which lifts the...
  8. diggerinthedark

    I messed up replacing my boot lid trim. Now makes annoying rattle.

    Hello all! Just put my lovely new boot trim on (thanks A2Steve!!), and I'm guessing there was a clip or two still in place; that I managed to push into the interior of the boot lid... It now makes a very annoying metallic jangle every time I open and close it or even whilst driving. Can...
  9. wilco184

    Faulty Rear Interior Light Repair

    Hello. I noticed recently that when opening any of the doors, only the front interior lights illuminated. The rear lights would illuminate only when the front light was set to be always on using the rocker switch, which is different to other cars and certainly does not seem conventional. I...
  10. A

    remove air con panel

    Indicators stopped working, but was told by the local dealer in Poole that they tested the relay and I must need a new stalk at a cost of £180. Fitted one myself with a new stalk from GSF for £27 thanks to a thread I found on how to do that. However this didn't solve the problem so I am...
  11. R

    Drivers inside door handle stopped working

    Hi, Just today my interior drivers handle has stopped working completely. There is no resistance when I pull the handle. The exterior door handle works fine and all doors un/lock when using the fob as do the windows. I always use the deadlock button when im driving (due to someone trying...