1. L

    And If You Don't know ........ Now You Know how to remove fog light

    how to remove fog light
  2. D

    EGR dash light, how does the ecu know?

    Just thinking about installing a modified straight through EGR valve ( with a non shudder valve still in place ) and I have heard that it will put the Engine light on but as I have not done this I have not experienced it. So I was wondering how does the ECU know that you have blocked off the...
  3. wilco184

    Faulty Rear Interior Light Repair

    Hello. I noticed recently that when opening any of the doors, only the front interior lights illuminated. The rear lights would illuminate only when the front light was set to be always on using the rocker switch, which is different to other cars and certainly does not seem conventional. I...
  4. M

    Air Bag Warning Light

    Hi, A couple of weeks ago the Air Bag light came on after starting one day. It's remained on since. Any clues on 1) what could have caused this & 2) how I can 're-set' it? Cheers, Che
  5. gclough

    Left foot braking?!?

    Hi Gang, I've got a 1.6 FSI Sport, and whenever I try to left-foot break it cuts the throttle. WTF? I hear you ask... why subject a poor little A2 to the horrors of brake and gas at the same time, well I didn't drive it for a while and when I moved it there was a resounding CLUNK as the...