oil leak

  1. G

    How serious is this oil leak? [Picture]

    Hi all I have an 2004 TDI 90 with 185k miles. The members of this forum helped me out a lot with some fault codes I had recently, so I thought I'd come back with the latest problem. I have a small oil leak in the location shown in the picture. It is not visibly leaking when the engine is...
  2. mowog

    Oil leak between engine and gearbox? X-reg 1.4 petrol

    Hi all, I'm still getting my head around the sheer range and number of faults with my newly acquired (and admittedly very cheap) A2. One of the many issues seems to be an oil leak between the engine and gearbox - it seems to be seeping out from the join at the bottom. If this was an old MG then...
  3. M

    New member! Bought a poorly A2 - some expert advice needed!

    New member! Bought a poorly A2 - Boost + Oil leak Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and new to A2 ownership! Here is my 2001 A2 SE 1.4TDI She has done just shy of 150,000 miles and has a couple of issues, the biggest issue for me at the moment is what I think is a boost leak and a...
  4. C

    When do you know its new Turbo Time? (75tdi)

    Hello all, Long time lurker, with so much information in older posts Not had much need to ask again. However my car just in for a service at independent VAG specialist, Straightline Performance Malvern Worcestershire. I asked them to check over the turbo particularly the waste gate as...