1. E

    [Alignment] - Rear Shock replacement

    Hi all, Does anyone know if a four wheel alignment has to take place after replacing the rear shocks please? I am asking because I have to put the car back on the road very soon and I cannot wait until the rear shocks arrive to get them replaced. I replaced the front and this is why I have to...
  2. L

    Sun visor hook

  3. M

    TDI engine swap

    I have a 2001 1.4 TDI and unfortunately I had both timing belt tensioners fail recently, with subsequent results. It seemed the camshaft was at least 140 degrees out of sync with the crankshaft so I feared the worse, although it happened at very low speed. The camshaft was also seized. I removed...
  4. timmus

    Service Offered: CCCU Replacement

    Hello fellow A2OC members, As part of my ever-expanding list of A2 services, I offer a CCCU replacement service. Earlier A2s in particular suffer from an unreliable Central Convenience Control Unit (CCCU). A faulty CCCU can cause a variety of bizarre symptoms affecting the interior lights...
  5. spinner

    Intercooler Replacement part no

    Any one have the OE part number Intercooler for 1.4 tdi 2001 model the local motor factors have the following intercooler available covers the following : 8z0145804 8z0145804 C 8z0145805 B 8z0145805 C Any one with this limp home mode with no warning lights, get the bottom...