timing belt

  1. N

    Timing belt kit sourcing

    Dear all, New here and just bought a 2001 A2 3L for my wife. It needs a timing and accessory belt change. I guess best is to change everything around this such as water pump, tensionners (hydraulic option?)... As I am new, not sure which online offer is the best quality/price. Would...
  2. B

    Timing belt tensioner conversion hydraulic to mechanical 1.4 TDI

    I have an 1.4 tdi AMF engine from 2001 with hydraulic tensioner. During a head gasket job I noticed that the block has an extra hole on the side where the idler should be when using a mechanical tensioner. I got a plate for the mechanical tensioner so I installed it to see if the idler hole...
  3. Yellow_Peril

    Project FSI - "The Yellow Peril"

    Afternoon all, after being quiet for a while (I've been busy!!!) I'm starting a project/maintenance & fault finding thread about my FSI - the somewhat aptly named "Yellow Peril" by a friend (You'll find out why soon enough!). ? Hopefully in time this will add to an already really helpful...
  4. MacKWT

    Doubled service stamp

    Morning all Just acquired my A2 on 114k. Had a dig through the service book, which threw up a conundrum for me. Book says timing belt was done at the 77k service. But the next service at 88k says the timing belt was done again. Different garage. Any ideas why that might be? Was there any...
  5. Tsu

    Timing Belt Kit & Water Pump kit

    Timing Belt & Water Pump kit I'm in the market for a timing belt & water pump kit and was wondering does anyone have a supplier that can better this price? (£95,69) http://www.autodoc.co.uk/gates/7537448
  6. W

    A2 1.2 TDI 3L Timing Cam Belt garage recommendation

    I'm after a recommendation for a garage to change the timing belt on my A2 3L. Having driven and enjoyed a VW Lupo 3L since the end of June this year I'm just about to travel over to Germany to collect a rather nice red A2 3L from the Frankfurt area. It's 10 years old, has done 69,000km, has...
  7. R

    Free Audi Health Check Results: a whole bunch of problems, need help please :)

    Helloooo Guysss i am a proud new owner of an Audi A2 SE with the 1.6 FSI engine, 60k miles and 53 reg, im quite an enthusiastic person so im going to try and be a very active forum member and try and do my part :). i live in croydon if thats near anyone else. ok so here it goes, went to...
  8. Tai

    Gates or Dayco?

    Has anyone got any experience of using either Dayco or Gates timing belts? Well I guess I need you to have used both, as I'm after your informed preference. Thanks