1. irisha2

    15” Wheel Name

    These appear to be stock 15” rims on my newly-purchased A2, but I’m not sure what they are called. Is there a name for them?
  2. Swedish Mike

    ET40 wheels

    Looking at some wheels for my 2001 A2 1.4l petrol. Will 16X7 ET40 5X100 wheels fit. If they do, any tyre size recommendations? cheers Mike
  3. Alan_uk

    16" SE Wheels Paint Z17 or LY7J

    Hi. Lot of old posts say the paint code for 16" SE Wheels is Avus Silver Metallic Z17. In fact I have a spay can of that in front of me from many years back. The posts also say wheel colours can be slightly different to the body colours. Dealer is now saying that Z17 does not exist and suggests...
  4. Grace Somerfield

    Steering Wheel Upgrade (none OEM)

    I recently brought a OMP deep dish steering wheel (yes my 1.4 A2 wants to be a racecar!) I'm not the best at mechanics and will obviously take it somewhere to get changed, but I don't want to turn up with the steering wheel and not a boss kit. However, I cannot seem to find a boss kit...
  5. TYP 8Z

    Audi A6 MFSW

    If I was to buy an Audi A6 MFSW, what should I look out for to ensure it's compatible with my 2003 TDI? Thank you in advance for any help guys Andy
  6. gclough

    Anti-theft wheel caps?

    Hi Everyone, I've got an Audi A2 FSI Sport with the 17" wheels, and as expected some ******* stole the wheel caps. I've got a new set, but before I put them on I wanted to know if anyone had ideas on how to make them just a little bit more difficult to steal? My plan is to install M5 x...
  7. P

    Looking for a cheap wheel and tyre

    I've been told by Audi that I have a buckled wheel which needs replacing asap. The tyre also has feathering so that will need to be replaced too. They have quoted me £378 to fix but I wondered if there is anywhere else that I can get the parts. I've tried ebay but can only find wheels that...