1.4TDi 90 Engine sort of fires then stops and wont restart.

Thank you for all your responses. It's helped me to come to a decision.

If I were doing this job myself I would go for the Bosch. But as I am getting someone else to do it I think I will stick to the LUK device if I can find one as it seems to be a straight swap.

The challenge I'm having is that of the sites I have found that appear to have both types (deduced from the photos) they all have the same part number and all claim to fit the ATL engine.

Does anyone have the part number for the original LUK pump fitted to the ATL engine?



A2OC Donor
Part number of the LUK pump is 038 145 209Q which I believe is LUK 200303500 The same pump does fit all LHD vehicles and this is where is spacer is required for the Bosch on RHD cars. So the sites are correct but not specifying the differences between LHD and RHD.