1.6 FSI Part Numbers Query - coolant death pipe, intake manifold gaskets

I am about to replace the lower intake manifold on my 1.6FSI BAD engine. Are the required gaskets 03C129717C and 036129717K? Do I need any more gaskets for this job? Also, I may well replace the coolant 'pipe of death' 032121065D (correct?), are any other parts needed with it eg. o-rings, clips?
Nye, those are the gasket numbers, yes.
When you drop the engine down a little and pull it forward you may find you have to remove the throttle body and elbow to gain enough height, so gaskets may be needed there. Also it is ever so easy to strip the threads on the 3 right hand engine mount vertical bolts because everything starts moving about as the suspension unloads. The death pipe needs one extra o-ring for the pump end and a big C clip. It comes with the thermostat housing end one IIRC. You are meant to renew the 12 injector o-rings, the high pressure fuel pump o-ring and the short metal outlet fuel pipe. Also the EGR pipe gaskets...

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Hi Nye,

You ask about the death pipe fittings. This is the Topran version I got from B4Andra a while ago. Looking at it, it comes with a standard O-ring at the thermostat housing end and some kind of weird double small cross section O-ring connected by a rubber ring at the pump end and the C-clip

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My new death pipe was a Meyle and had just the one o-ring with it.
The other seal is the rubber one that goes between the thermostat housing and the engine and is compressed by the 3 screws that hold the housing in place. This whole face needed a lot of cleaning on mine. Possibly it was leaking before, there was some pinkish crud from the coolant.

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You might need the engine breather tank/hose assy as well, depending how it breaks off. Take care with the scuttle when you remove the 2 air scoop screws. It is worth sending the injectors away for a clean. The bolts underneath at the back are the worst bit if you don't have a ramp or Andrew's pit! Good luck
I decided to get a local garage to do the work, once I'd got the parts (I don't have a garage and didn't fancy tackling this job in Welsh weather and a short day). They replaced the manifold, death pipe and EGR tube, that they found to be leaking, and flushed the coolant. Now, though, the gear-change is notchy and the gear lever is reluctant to move across the gate. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this?


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Nye, I’d take it straight back to the garage. They may well have bent the bracket holding one of the gear cables when dropping the engine down, or else they disconnected the cables to gain space and didn’t adjust them properly afterwards. All the best,

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