20th Anniversary Stickers


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hi teresa just wondering how long does it normaly take for the sticker to arrive

Hi. We say up to two weeks as it gives me a bit if wiggle room if I'm away (like in Scotland recently), or busy at work.

Having said that, I'm doing a post office run Wednesday morning so any orders that came in while I was away, and any received up to Wednesday will go out then. So you should have it by the end of the week. The 20th Anniversary stickers will normally go out within a few days of ordering as I can pop them in the post box at work 😊


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All the stickers ordered up to lunchtime today, plus any just before, during Scotland orders are now winging their way to their new homes.
If they haven't turned up by Saturday please let me know. We haven't had anything go missing for a while 🤞


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My parcel arrived too, thanks T.

Red sharpie soon 'fixed' the oc.


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I want to buy an 20th anniversary sticker.
Can you tell me how to pay?

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I want to buy an 20th anniversary sticker.
Can you tell me how to pay?
You buy one through the club shop. The problem is the link to the shop might not be very visible. If you have a '>' to the left of your username in the main menu bar at the top of the page, click it, and you will see 'Stuff', click it and you will see 'Shop' in the drop down box, click it and It takes you to the shop. If you have not used the shop before you will have to register to buy.

Hope that works for you.


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