[A/C Compressor Idler] - Easy way out?


Hi all,

This is going to be a tough one. Here it goes.

I had the A/C system entirely disconnected, i.e., compressor was only being used to drive the belt, no hoses, no oil.

I thought this would be all right until I heard a clicking noise thinking it was the idler pulley of either the cambelt or the aux belt.

Having pulled everything out, the cambelt pulleys/tensioners are all right but I noticed that the a/c compressor is seized and unable to turn the drivebelt! This must have been the source of my clicking noise.

Two questions:

1. Can I use a shorter aux belt from a non a/c 1.6 FSI if such thing exists?
2. What can I do to free up the a/c compressor pulley?

Any input is welcome. Other than that the car has been fine!



OK, I removed the centre piece of the compressor that connects the shaft with the pulley. It is the stamped metal that sits on top of the silent blocks/cushions.

Do you think that this would be all right? No risk of things flying off?
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1. No needs a different alternator for no climate.
2. No pipes = no oil compressor has seized. Should never have been left to run in this condition.
3. Replace the compressor and recommission the climate. A win-win in Cyprus. Even if the pulley will now turn, if it stops there is a good chance the belt would be damaged causing further issues.



Thanks for replying.

The evaporator and a/c compressor were shot to begin with, hence my reasoning.

I have repaired the hoses professionally and waiting on when to get the next chance to remove the, dash, replace the evaporator and the compressor. I've already got new parts, e.g., drier and condenser. Unfortunately I cannot do it now.

Does the non-ac alternator have a bigger pulley? Otherwise I cannot see why not. Alternatively, I can replace the current belt and keep the ac compressor as it is in the picture. It seems that the pulley is being held in place by a pretty hefty snap ring.



The entire system was very badly contaminated. I wouldn't risk changing the evaporator and keeping one component the same. BAD economy as I'd say!


OK, for what it's worth, I've been running it like this and it has been great. The compressor was already on its way out as there is a particular sound that is now missing.