Information A list of some of the "How To's" and useful threads

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Keys and locks
How to get your existing key to work again
Replacing worn out Key Fob buttons
Additional Key - programming problems
Adding additional keys
Door catch

Adjusting the headlight aim
The Complete Bulb Replacement List
Automatic light + Coming / Leaving home Automatic headlight kit
LED bulbs - not necessarily a simple (or cheap) swap
LEDs - My findings and personal recommendations
Turning the dash/needle lights on and off via VCDS
Chrome indicator bulbs
How to get the headlamp wiring connector off
Fitting Universal H7 HID's
How to change ( reverse ) LED bulb polarity
How to fit a brake light switch
HID projector Headlights / DRL and Fogs
Faulty Rear Interior Light Repair
Flasher unit DIY repair
Fitting Headlamp Protectors
Indicator relay for LED bulb modification

Changing G263 sender without removing the dash
Brake Pad Wear Sensor Repair Guide
Nox Sensor replacement instructions 1.6FSI
LHD Car: Replacing G263 sensor. Error code 00818.
Temperature sensor

Doors and flaps
Rear passenger door micro-switch
How to remove and fit heated wing mirror glass.
Drivers door checkstrap
How I replaced the glove-box
Possible Door Lock Microswitch Fault Repair
Drivers door checkstrap
petrol cap door won't open! argh!
Tightening the door hinge bolts
Removing fuel flap assembly
Howto: Replace your door alarm LED with a new colour
How to replace the door mirror switch
Has your fuel flap button come apart? New

Seats/interior trim, OSS etc,
Seat belt "Buttons" - Very useful
Removing head restraint fitment tubes.
Fitting Audi front stowage console
Audi TT seats - Guide!
Dismantle backrest on a Sport seat
Genuine Seat Heating Retro Fit
The Ultimate 'My Rear Seats Don't Work' Thread
Water in battery compartment
Repacing Air con buttons without dismantling the dash
Climate control - A4 sticking buttons

Stripping the Instrument cluster
How do you remove the open sky blinds?
Fitting Audi rear drinks holder
Cup holder Fitment Pictures
A Guide to the A2's Boot and Rear Seats
Changing gear knob
Pollen Filter
An OpenSky is reborn!
Fitting Audi space saver wheel
01271 - Positioning Motor for Temperature Flap (V68)
OpenSky Service Tips
Changing handbrake lever knob
Retrofitting false floor
Deactivating the passenger air bag
Seat improvements
dismantling gear-knob?

Exterior / body panels / trim
Aero wiper upgrade less than a tenner!
Fitting Audi 2003 floppy wiper conversion
New Style Washer Jets Modification
Aero parts; definitive list
Fitting Audi new style front grill
Plastic sill replacement
Removing the rear spoiler!
Care Care Guide
Rear bumper removal
Removing the door mirror glass
scratched windscreen from the wiper blade?
Got water in the battery compartment? these are the culpritsNew

New 6 speed gearbox method - MYP gearbox
How to remove turbocharger Audi 1.4TDI AMF

VNT Turbo De-Coke1.4 TDI 90bhp ATL engine intake manifold flap motor fix (?) New
How to clean the 1.4 16v throttle body
Handbrake adjustment guide?
Handbrake cable /Guide tube replacements
fuel filter how to change
Squealing Starter Motor
Gearchange cable adjust / reset
Intercooler Change
EGR "mooing" bracket mount mod
A2 1.2 TDi - Pressure accumulator replacing and Fluid
ESP and ABS fault lights - Yaw rate sensor
Spidan Springs on a TDI with FSDs
How to sort a stuck heater flap
(Torque settings)
A2 FSI Clutch slave cylinder replacement.
Information on the 5th gear mod all in one post
How to Fit the Undertray
Possible Reason For Wiper Arm Squeak
How to clean the 1.4 16v throttle body
Replacing an Audi A2 Outer CV Joint Without Removing the Driveshaft New
Fixing the weather / heat shield - another threadNew

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The remainder of the "How to's"

Electrical - A2 earth points
Fuse Locations
Indicator issues - procedure
Removal of panels in dashboard
Brake Pad Wear Sensor Repair Guide
Double DIN Indicator Relay Location
Battery recommendations
One touch window operation fix and pairing keys
Replacing central locking buttons
Radiator Fan Repair

Suspension and wheels
Anti-roll bar bushes replacement with Polo ones
Koni FSD fitting guide
The Definitive Suspension Parts List
The definitive tyre / wheel size thread

In Car Entertainment
RNS E user manual
How to get into the RNS E Engineering mode
Single-to double-DIN dash with Mk2 RNS-E conversion
Audi In Car Entertainment guide
OEM looking Sat-Nav using your Smartphone and a Dock.

Fitting Audi 6 disk CD changerRECOVERED
iPhone Integration - A Cup Holder Transformed
Ipad mini & iphone 6 plus built in

Some VCDS codes
How to disable the remote key operating the windows
Some VCDS mods you can try out on your A2

The rest
Owners Manual
Buyers Guide
Buying and owning an A2
How to increase the size of images you post on here
Reset 'SERVICE' warning.
Removing and refitting heat control and demister flap motors
VAG Options Decoders
Webasto Remote Heater
Engine and Gearbox identifiers
How to sort a stuck heater flap
New to the A2 and want to know what extras to look out for?
Drum removal
Service warning reset New
Tow Bar Fitting..How To New

General A2 Servicing Information

This is a MUST READ thread put together by SARGE and is a fantastic source of information.

To access the content please click the link here

Featured contents

Post 1 : Introduction/Index
Post 2 : Torque specifications.
Post 3 : Removal of the Under tray (also known as Noise Insulation).
Post 4 : Air Filter (all engines)
Post 5 : Oil Filter Diesel Engine
Post 6 : Oil Filter Petrol Engine
Post 7 : Cabin filter
Post 8 : Spark Plugs
Post 9 : Glow plugs
Post 10 : Brake Pads/Shoes checking thickness
Post 11 :
Cooling system: checking antifreeze and topping up with coolant if necessary
Post 12 : Jacking points
Post 13 : Door Trim Removal
Post 14 : Door check strap
Post 15 : Checking Brake fluid level
Post 16 : 'How To' Tutorial Collection
Post 17 : 'How To' Change the cowl panel grille (Cover under the wiper arm and bottom of windscreen)
Post 18 : 'How To' Remove Cylinder Head Cover (done on TDi 75 AMF Engine)
Post 19 : Removing and installing electrical wiring harness for unit (fuel) injectors (done on TDi 75 AMF Engine) Misfiring TDI? Read!
Post 20 : Removing Glovebox
Post 21 : Removing Interior Heater Fan Motor
Post 22 : Rattle Under the Dashboard area
Post 23 : Removal of Rear Brake Drums - safely
Post 24 : Fault - Not starting, Engine cranks, occasionally feels like it tries to fire, but doesn't start - (done on AUA 1.4 Petrol engine)
Post 24 : Also includes Throttle Body Cleaning Procedure
Post 25 : How to remove Bonnet Grill
Post 26 : Audi Open Sky Sunroof Systems - Service Training - Self Study Program 378
Post 27 : 'How To' remove and refit the steering wheel
Post 28 : 'How To' open CCCU (Comfort Unit)
Post 29 : 'How To' remove rear bumper cover
Post 30 : 'How To' remove rear bumper cross member (or metal bar) and the support brackets
Post 31 : 'How To' door trim aluminium cover removal
Post 32 : 'How To' Door window frame removal (with glass)
Post 33 : 'How to' Door lock mechanism removal (including the micro switch)
Post 34 : 'How to' Remove door handle and rear mount
Post 35 : TDI Owners – MUST READ Advice for the TDi owner
Post 36 : Removing Centre Vents
Post 37 : Removing cup holder and hazard switch
Post 38 : Some codes for sensors, switches, relays and and what they mean

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More How to documents thanks to Louis van Wijk

Chrome Number plate surround fitting

Elasticated Belt system fitting

Rear Drinks holder fitting

Replacing Drivers door switches

New Style Grill fitting guide

OSS Sunshade removal

Seat Colour codes

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And the last few (Thanks Louis)

Space Saver Bracket

Twin Washer Jets fitment

XENON Fitting Guide

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