A2 specialist in Holland - some nice examples in the video

Darren C

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Sadly my poor one language brain couldn‘t digest the contents, but the A2 eye candy and parts bin on offer more than made up for it. The Papaya Storm pops off the page. What a car! In fact there are many good examples shown. I so wish Audi were making these cars today, I’d love to be ordering/speccing one new, as many would, inflation aside of course. Quite how a small family hatchback can instil such emotion never ceases to amaze, but it does, as the following here and broader demonstrates.


Darren C

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It was a beauty James and pleased to have seen it first hand during one of our Wales Socials. Good to know you have a possible buy-back option. And plaudits to you for your sterling channel too. One for members to check out, if not already done so: https://www.youtube.com/user/mrbroonss

Ha ha, spotted this a while back, it's epic isn't it!!! I'm FULL or regret for selling my little Papaya although I think I have first refusal on it's resale, which I will take up. Currently my ideal would be an FSi Papaya with Towbar and OSS.


Ugh, I looked at that one (the Papaya Storm) in person when it was still for sale in Germany. A total disaster.

Pretty much every single body panel was scratched or chipped, right hand side had presumably hit a guardrail, a hanging door, coolant reservoir looking like something in its place had previously exploded in brown gunk, the renowned ATL turbo leaking oil and weird jerking in the whole car on clutch out to name the worst bits.
That was at 5000€.
The guy in the video then bought it and has had it for sale in the Netherlands for over 9000€ for the last 6 or so months.
Interestingly, since today it says sold on the sales page.
Sure hope this Specialist did more than cleaning it.

Darren C

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Interesting Seb. Looking at the video footage I’d suggest much more than a clean in support of the apparent good condition.

Might also explain the mark up if lots of work has been done to restore it.


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Jeez not good. Mine was in great condition but just a 1.4MPi but I loved it.

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