ABS Problem


A2OC Donor
I have an issue on one of my TDI's with the ABS. The light is on and the ABS has stopped working. VAGCOM flags up the following error code:

Address 03: ABS Brakes Labels: 8Z0-907-379-MK20.lbl
Part No: 8Z0 907 379 B
Component: ESP 20 CAN V015
Coding: 10758
Shop #: WSC 02154
VCID: 4796EF7A656B4F7968-4AB4

2 Faults Found:
00290 - ABS Wheel Speed Sensor; Rear Left (G46)
04-10 - Mechanical Malfunction - Intermittent
01314 - Engine Control Module
79-10 - Please Check Fault Codes - Intermittent

I have changed the sensor and removed the hub and cleaned it - looked ok but error code still there - any ideas?

I'm guessing there could be a problem with the Hub magnetic ring or the replacement sensor is also faulty. Anyone else had this problem?


I have now fixed this issue - not sure if anyone else had had same issue:

Driver (not me!) hit a deep pothole and not long after ABS warning light came on and ABS stopped working - VAG code as above. I removed the drum and the handbrake return spring had come unattached and was showing some wear. Cut a long story short - the spring had got jammed at the back of the hub - the hub has a magnetic plastic ring on it that provides the pulse to the sensor and this had worn off. Replaced the hub and all fixed! Tip for others out there.

what a really bazar thing to happen, certainly a first in my book, but will lock that one away in the memory bank for future use - thanks for providing an update it really does help other in the future