Any experiences with this?


Hi. I am browsing net and have found this:
Ebay link Chip tuning Box

anyone has experiences? does it work? i normaly dont trust things like these, but i am not car engineer and have absolutely no idea how such a things could work.


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This looks to be at the better quality end of the spectrum for such devices and may even do what it says on the tin. Plenty of such things are either a scam or just trick the engine management unit into thinking the engine isn't yet up to temperature, thus causing it to permanently inject more fuel. Either way, I'd avoid it. It's much better to remap the ECU itself.




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With the remap you know it already works and is optimised across the whole rpm. Add on box, well either a resistor for air mass or other sensor, so what happens when it is cold? Ecu very confused and possibility of limp mode.


Remap is a night and day difference. TDI75 remapped on a 200 mile run, Yesterday got 67mpg driving like Miss Daisy(around 60-65mph). With the small fuel tank I get between 375 and 420 miles till the light comes on. Therefore (at 118k) a decent remap wont hit your economy too hard whereas as box will more than likely just confuse the ecu. Plus I paid less for a map, the software and a lead than the figure quoted on eBay..... Im happy with the performance increase without it being detrimental to the rest of the drivetrain. After all, what use is a load of power with it breaking the weakest link? Plus once youve bought the software you can* swap between standard and modified maps if you sell on..


My understanding is all these boxes are a scam, don't see how it would be intelligent enough to adjust maps/tune any/all engine types.

Especially ones that plug into the ODB2 port and claim to boost performance/economy.


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These types of add on boxes simple modify certain sensor inputs to the ecu
Result is excess fuel injected more smoke less economy and ultimately engine damage
They can never be right across the Rev range or cold to hot engine
Best avoided if you value your engine
A remap is the way to go ( as others above have stated)

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ok, tahnks. Definitely not worth :) i have to contact someone here in Slovakia to remap my a2. Wonder if anyone here has a experiences with A2 :( not so common car as in UK


Hmm. You are right.. No experience with Bluefin but Superchips did my 130hp Audi at 3k miles and it was faultless when I sold it at 123k miles....

Superchips do a remap for the A2, mail them and see if they can do it on a Bluefin system?

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I must say I have nothing to do with Superchips, this is from their website...