ATL remap, what boost are you guys running?? what boost is the kkk charger good for??


ok im drawing ever closer to getting my atl90 remapped iv decatted it.. been stripping more weight out of it and have the egr pypass pipe and uprated intercooler to fit..

my question is how much boost should i go for with my map now that i have half an exhuast with no cat and uprated breathing in the forum of a cooler with a much larger core..

how much boost is the tiny kkk turbo good for.. is 1.65 bar too much????

what do you guys run on your remaps??

and a wee bonus quetion, do any of you actually run boost gauges???

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I,m not sure of the exact measurement in bars but Stealth Racing do a bespoke remap on a rolling road. My 90ATL was initially around 96BHP and was remapped to 118BHP by Stealth.... this being possibly the maximum limit to prevent excessive turbo wear and masses of black smoke. :)
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Cool thanks for your input

Really need to find a figure ether in pai or bar as a guideline to what I should map mine up too